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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never purchased from Dentsply Sirona, whether online or through a sales representative, please register as a brand-new customer:

1. Select Sign In/Register on at the top-right corner of the DentsplySirona.com homepage

2. Select Register, then select Sign Up Now

3. Enter your personal details and then select Create Online Login

4. Verify your email via the verification code sent to the email address you’ve provided

5. Select I'm a brand-new customer, then Continue to Account Details

6. Enter your practice details, then select Save & Continue

7. Select your practice billing address, then select Use Selected Address

8. Select whether you’d like to opt into the DS Points Plus program

Your account is now pending validation. This process can take up to 5 business days. Once your account is validated, you may shop Dentsply Sirona’s online catalog

If you’ve registered your account with an email you can no longer access, you’ll need to call Customer Service at 1-844-848-0137.

If you’d like to link a preferred distributor to your DentsplySirona.com account, follow these directions:

1. Hover over your name in the top-right corner of the DentsplySirona.com homepage and select My Account

2. Under My Account, select Preferred Distributors

3. Select Add a Distributor

4. Select your preferred distributor in the popup menu, check the box, and select Submit

Note: Only distributors that have been integrated into our site will be displayed in the dropdown menu

5. Select Submit to open the distributor’s website in a new window. You’ll need to enter your credentials for the distributor’s website to connect that account to your DentsplySirona.com account You must have a valid distributor web account to login. If you do not have an existing distributor web account, register on the distributor’s website If you experience issues during this process, please reach out to your distributor’s customer service department

6. Once you’ve logged in to your distributor account, you'll return to DentsplySirona.com. Select a default account from the dropdown menu If you do not see your account displayed in the dropdown menu, contact the distributor’s sales representative to add or modify your account

7. You can add more than one distributor, but only one may be selected as your default

To select a different default credit card to use for purchases, follow these directions:

1. Hover over your name in the top-right corner of DentsplySirona.com and select My Account

2. Under My Account in your account dashboard, select Personal Payment Methods

3. Choose Default Payment Method next to your desired credit card

You can redeem your points online for eligible products. To redeem your points, follow these directions:

1. During Checkout, select Edit in the Payment Method panel. If you have enough DS Points for your entire purchase, you’ll see a checkbox with the option to use your points. Select the checkbox to redeem your DS Points.

If you don't have enough DS Points for your entire purchase, the option to redeem them will be unavailable

You can find the redemption schedule, available rewards, and other information here

Note: DS Points expire 2 years from the last order date.

To initiate a return, follow these directions:

1. Download and complete this return form outlining the item you’re returning and the reason for return

2. Attach the form to an email with the subject line: Return (item #). Send the email to the appropriate department associated with your product:

Implants: Implants-na-cs@dentsplysirona.com
Endodontics: Tulsa.orders@dentsplysirona.com
Orthodontics: Essix.Sales@dentsplysirona.com

3. Once you’ve sent the email, a customer service representative will follow up with your return label or, if needed, ask additional questions to complete your return

We offer CE credits for live courses, webinars, and OnDemand courses. After meeting our course requirements, you’ll receive a certificate by email or as a hardcopy during a live course.

To sign up for a course, you’ll need to enroll here.

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