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Dentsply Sirona Denmark
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Sidexis 4

Imaging Software

Optimum workflow with a clear structure

Sidexis 4 is the software for clear diagnoses. It efficiently structures your workflow in its modern and intuitive design and serves as a basis for further planning and diagnosis.

This means you have everything you need at a glance. With Sidexis 4, you can apply the advantages of integrated dental workflows for optimal results. The X-ray software saves time, is safe, and improves your results. At the same time, its award-winning, modern user interface makes it incredibly easy to operate. Sidexis 4 provides a number of important functions for patient acquisition, image management, analysis, diagnosis, patient communication and a simple transfer of images. The most commonly used tools are particularly visible and easy to find allowing you to work intuitively.

Try it yourself! Download the Sidexis 4 Viewer here and experience the many advantages of the award winning imaging software.

Please also take note of the system requirements

Looking for further guidance? Visit our tutorial gallery.

Advantages at a Glance

Sidexis 4 is the software for clear diagnoses. This is why:

Integrated workflows that open up new options for the practice offering

With Sidexis 4 as basis, you are set up to use the integrated workflow solutions from Dentsply Sirona, giving you options for implantology, sleep apnea and TMD treatment as well as endodontics.

Modern design for intuitive usage by the practice team

A great software structure makes for fewer mistakes and a more efficient workflow, saving your practice time and money.

Best support for a comprehensive diagnosis with 2D/3D seamless

In the light box, you can compare 2D and 3D images, camera shots and face scan data side by side.

Ongoing support keeps opening up new options

Frequent updates provide new features and improvements to your software and technology, improving the value of your workflows.

The switch to Sidexis 4 was a quantum leap. It feels like switching from MS-DOS to Windows.

Dr. Ulrich Fürst, Attnang-Puchheim, Austria

Feature Highlights

Light Box

The Sidexis 4 digital light box is characterized by its flexibility, displaying all image types seamlessly in one software interface. All 2D, 3D and intraoral images can be processed and viewed at the same time – ensuring all imaging data is available for the diagnostic process. For example, a quick, unproblematic cross-comparison of an intraoral image and a 3D scan is made possible – facilitating your diagnosis and treatment planning process considerably. This intuitive software thus provides the ideal conditions for your diagnosis, from patient consulting to treatment planning and simulation.


Thanks to Timeline, an overview of the patient’s entire history can be viewed at a glance. This allows you to add an intuitive time dimension to your diagnostic options.

Compare Function

The useful "Compare" function is one of the software features where you will ask yourself as a user why this tool has not always been available: working in the compare window, you can evaluate several images at the same time.  

Sidexis 4 Product Video

Additional Functions

Sidexis 4 also has the following features:

  • Filter and image processing for improving the evaluation process and patient communication (automatic, individually configured filters can be set up to save even more time)
  • Measurement and annotation tools
  • Workflow integration for images from Dentsply Sirona units (X-ray units, treatment centers, intraoral video cameras, CEREC, SICAT Air and SICAT Function) and some third-party units
  • Imaging templates for efficient intraoral status imaging
  • Quick and intuitive import
  • Directory monitoring: Sidexis 4 monitors a directory in the network for you and imports the data from this directory. Integrating your DSLR camera with Sidexis 4 is especially simple.
  • Export in a variety of formats, e.g. DICOM and PDF or as Viewer - quick and easy to generate 
  • Remote control of the Teneo treatment unit from Dentsply Sirona, including the automatic headrest setting and ApexLocator
  • Galileos Implant add-on for integrated implantology is available
  • Interface for the integration of additional software applications, e.g. patient management

More than Imaging – Real Solutions

The Sidexis 4, with its intuitive user interface and display of all kinds of images on a monitor – whether intraoral, 2D panoramic, or 3D – increases the efficiency of your practice and the accuracy of your diagnoses like no other software. Nevertheless, Dentsply Sirona does not stop with the diagnosis – our solutions allow you to plan treatment for a number of different conditions and customize treatment for the individual patient. The processes remain in your practice and your patients appreciate your modern, understandable treatment methods. For satisfied patients and reliable work in your practice.

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When will the new software be available?

Sidexis 4 availability differs from country to country. In some countries, it is already possible to order SIDEXIS 4 or to receive it with purchasing a new imaging device. Please contact your responsible distributor for further information.


Are there any user trainings available?

There are several options to get to know Sidexis 4 in more detail: first, there is of course an extensive user's guide also for Sidexis 4. It can either be loaded from within Sidexis 4 or can be downloaded from the web site using the link "Manuals".

Furthermore, interactive video tutorials can be found on


Can I see my CEREC data within the Timeline as well?

This is not possible yet. However, the latest CEREC software allows that both programs have access to the same patient database.

Can I change the IO template countdown until a connection to the sensor has been established again?

Yes, this is possible within the Sidexis 4 settings. Setting the parameter to <1s allows access between different positions of the template within only about five seconds. In the meantime, the sensor can be repositioned accordingly.

Can I create IO templates (FMX) myself?

Yes, this can be done within the template editor in the tools menu. 

Can I import already existing IO exposure into an IO template?

No, this is not possible. However, you will receive the same result when opening existing IO exposure in your light box, adjusting them to your requirements and saving the full lightbox as a session.

Does Sidexis 4 support DICOM standards?

Sidexis 4 supports the following major DICOM standards:
DICOM Ex-/Import (DICOM RM) incl. DICOM Wrap & Go and Third Party Manufacturer
DICOM Export, SiDICOM WLS (Worklist, for PACS connection), SiDICOM PS.
Furthermore, Sidexis 4 automatically saves all data conform to DICOM.

Can I connect my intraoral camera?

For Dentsply Sirona cameras SiroCam 3, C, digital, F, AF, AF+ plugin is available, which allows to integrate the camera in Sidexis 4 directly.
Freeze images can thus be saved within the timeline automatically. For third party cameras, two alternatives are available:
1. TWAIN: all cameras with TWAIN drivers can be integrated in the exposure phase of Sidexis 4.
2. Directory Monitoring / File Watcher (Sidexis 4 function): You can configure your camera for saving images in some folder within your practice network. In this case, Sidexis 4 can import the data from the according folder. This function might also be interesting when working with reflex cameras, especially when images are being sent to the folder under control via WiFi.


I am working with Sidexis XG already. Can I take over my existing exposures to Sidexis 4?

Yes, this is possible with no difficulties. An easy and fast migration of data to the new database will automatically be started when installing Sidexis 4. Your imaging data will not be modified. Thereafter, you will be able to work with Sidexis 4 directly and thus see your exposure in the timeline.
Previous exams and views from Sidexis XG are not migrated to Sidexis 4.

What is a SLIDA-interface?

The term “SLIDA-interface” is short for “Sidexis Link to Dental Applications”. In general, it means the included possibility of connecting Sidexis with other programs. For this to be possible, a SLIDA-conform counter piece needs to be included in the partner-software. As there are different functionality levels, we recommend the programmers among you to download the SLIDA documentation from this website.


How to establish a SLIDA interface?

SLIDA is available to all companies that want to tie their software into SIDEXIS or vice versa. Users can choose between a wide variety of different options: patient data transfer, automatic patient selection, transfer of X-Ray jobs, export of images to the relevant partner software.
If you have any questions, please contact Sirona. We also ask you to inform us if you have successfully linked your software to SLIDA. We will then be able to include you in our list of references.

Do I need special PCs in order to run Sidexis 4?

No, off-the-shelf PCs are absolutely sufficient for using Sidexis 4. In case you are using an older model, prior to installation the system requirements are checked automatically.
Find further details here:


Does Sidexis 4 work with all Dentsply Sirona X-ray units?

All Dentsply Sirona units but ORTHOPHOS DS, PanElite and Sidexis intraoral sensors are supported.


Can I connect Sidexis 4 to my practice management software?

Yes, Sidexis can connect to the common practice management softwares worldwide via different interfaces (SLIDA, SIDIIN, SiTWAIN). To setup the inferfaces please check the Sidexis 4 technical documentation as well as the documentation of your according practice management software.


Which language versions are currently available?

By now, we can provide 21 language versions: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finish, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian and Turkish.

Sidexis Easy Backup (Dentacs Solution GmbH)
Probably the world's best backup solution for Sidexis

Sidexis Plugins (RSWE)
Web portal for various SIDEXIS add-on products. For more information, see

Sidexis Sync Services (RSWE)
Sidexis application allows for synchronizing of Sidexis images and patient data between distributed dental office locations

Advantages for the dentist

The SLIDA interface, offered by Sirona free of charge and tried and tested in older generations, has many advantages for Sidexis 4 users.

  • All software connected via SLIDA to Sidexis 4 are compatible
  • Broad offering of additional software application
  • Investment security
  • Avoid multiple entries i.e. connecting to a practice management software


Information for software developers

With the file we combined all relevant information in one download file. The folder contains, apart from the documentation, the comfortable test surrounding including the C++ and basic source code. By this you can check the successful connection after programming. Your successful connection can be added to our reference list together with the functionality you provide.

Pleas find here a list of all currently known SLIDA partners.


Sidexis 4 - The New Gold Standard 575 kB

Sidexis 4 X-ray Software