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Dentsply Sirona Denmark
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Lightweight, low-noise, high-performance: Dentsply Sirona Instruments

Noise as a stress factor at the dental practice

Rotating instruments, suction systems and other sources of noise: Many devices at the dental practice generate a noise level reaching up to 90 decibels – 5 dB over the limit value for possible hearing impairment. The frequency of the noise plays a major role in this aspect: Contra-angles and turbines generate high-frequency noise directly at the ear of the dentist and of the patient. The instrument noise creates additional strain for the dental intervention. The patient feels uncomfortable, tenses up and in the worst case becomes a phobic patient.

The impact of noise on the dental team

Dentists and their assistants are also exposed to high noise levels daily. Even contra-angles and turbines operating far below 85 dB generate a high noise level. The body reacts with stress:1 It produces hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. Blood pressure increases and in the long term it can result in headaches, muscle stiffness, gastrointestinal problems or sleep disorders.2 These factors cause a performance drop and concentration difficulties for the dental team and they can lead to mistakes at work.3

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In particular, the smell of the dental practice and certain sounds such as the drill are especially bad for many patients.

Dr. Dagmar Händler, Dentist, specialized in phobic patients

The new red contra-angle by Dentsply Sirona – quieter than ever before

If you would like more peace of mind for both you and your patients, use the new red contra-angle from Dentsply Sirona in classes T1 and T2. As a result of continuous development efforts, the rotating instrument is significantly quieter than the previous model, and it is one of the lowest-noise models on the market today. The new contra-angle not only works very quietly, it is also very lightweight, provides optimum visibility during treatment and offers a constantly high performance output:  

  • Drill shavings are simply flushed away by the fine spray mist of the 4 spray nozzles4
  • Optimum illumination and small heads ensure best visibility
  • With its titanium shell, the instrument is especially light in the hand
  • For the premium class T1, the ceramic ball bearing has a “Diamond-like-Carbon” coating and therefore it is extremely durable

4) In a survey, half of the respondents confirmed better visibility compared to contra-angles from other manufacturers. Source: Customer survey performed by Dentsply Sirona, 2017.

Tried and tested in the dental practice

The new red contra-angle has already convinced many dentists with its low-noise operation:

of the respondents gave a very good or good rating to the noise level of the red contra-angle

of the respondents said that they experienced less stress when using the device due to the reduced noise

of respondents confirmed that they felt better in the evening after work

We will continue to optimize our products and not sit back and rest on today’s achievements.

Dr. Metin Ertugrul, Dentsply Sirona Development Team

Low-noise turbines with smooth operation and impressive performance power

With up to 23 Watts of power, the turbines from Dentsply Sirona are some of the most powerful in their class. And yet they can be operated in a controlled manner – quieter than ever before. For decades, Dentsply Sirona has researched and developed low-noise and noise-reduced turbines without compromising on the performance and durability of their products. With many years of expertise in the field of dentistry, we can give you many additional reasons for strong results when working with our air-powered devices.

Benefits of using a T1 or T2 turbine at a glance:

Its low-noise operation:

Its 4-nozzle spray reduces the noise level significantly

It stops the air:

With the double recirculation stop (Protective Head System) and short stop times of the drill (Quick Stop Function)

It offers consistently high performance:

Up to 23 Watts of power and a patented control function offer high power throughput and short preparation times

It brakes when needed:

The patented speed brake limits the idle speed for better durability

It is small:

The small head ensures optimum visibility

It is highly resistant:

With its robust ceramic ball bearing

It favors good hygiene:

It can be sterilized and heat-disinfected

Comparison of dental turbine noise levels*

* The values stated are averages of a series of measurements taken in the simulated oral cavity with spray.
** Volume [dB(A)] is presented in a logarithmic scale.

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Hand pieces and contra-angles by Dentsply Sirona

Light, flexible and precise instrument for everyday work in the practice

Turbines from Dentsply Sirona

Quiet, low-noise operation, powerful – convincing arguments 

Minimize noise factors at the dental practice

Besides using low-noise instruments, dentists can implement other measures to ensure a long-term stress-free everyday practice. Both the team and the patients benefit.

Quieter devices for the reception and office

Office equipment such as computers, printers or fax machines also generate background noise. Make sure you purchase low-noise devices to offer relief above all for your colleagues.*

Sound absorbing furnishing

Sound absorbers, like special wall paint, carpet or plastic flooring and wooden and plastic furniture in a variety of finishes can be integrated discreetly in the dental practice.

Hearing protection

High-frequency noise is especially straining for the dentist and the team. Wear hearing protection that suppresses high frequencies but not voices, so you can still talk with your patient.**

Good practice design

If the waiting room and the entrance area are located far away from the treatment rooms, and doors are kept closed, your patients are protected from the uncomfortable noise.

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Ask us a question!

Would you like more information about the new red contra-angle or the turbines by Dentsply Sirona and to speak with someone in person? Contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have.