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Dentsply Sirona Denmark
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The strongest all-ceramic dental restoration material on the market.

Dentsply Sirona Zirconia Cercon

Digital materials

With a wide range of indications, from single units to multi-unit bridges, zirconia is the strongest all-ceramic dental restoration material on the market. 

Our digital materials are optimized to work within Dentsply Sirona scanning machines, milling machines and furnaces, but can be used as part of your existing digital workflow. See how Dentsply Sirona digital materials fit for you.

Benefits at a glance

First class variety

Perfectly matched to inLab production units

Reliable and high quality results

Cercon xt / Cercon ht

The new zirconia standard for color accuracy, premium aesthetics and faster production. Cercon ht and Cercon xt blanks are made of yttrium oxide- (yttria-) stabilized zirconium oxide (zirconia) (Y-TZP) and used in fabricating frameworks for fixed prosthetic restorations. 

True Color Technology
  • >15 years of zirconia experience
  • Expertise in ceramic materials
  • Our production process and in process control guarantee consistent quality from batch to batch
  • Shade results have been confirmed by customers in Europe and the USA
Easy handling
  • New disc adapter fits a variety of milling machines
  • Compatible with many veneering systems
  • Conventional cementing can be used
  • Designed for open systems
Time saving & efficiency
  • Identical sintering program and pre-sintered strength
  • Improves productivity with reproducible results and time savings ( no need to dip or veneer)
  • Achieve 16 shades from 6 basic shades using only 2-3 staining firing cycles
  • All 16 VITA shades are available

Cercon xt ML - extra translucent multilayer zirconia

Perfect Lifelike Gradient: The four shade layers create a seamless gradient from incisal to dentin just like a natural tooth.

  • After sintering, the different shade layers yield a highly convincing shade gradient, from the incisal to the dentin — just as in natural teeth
  • Identical sintering programs/temperatures for all Cercon zirconia products
  • Speed sintering in less than 3 hours for all Cercon zirconia products
  • QR code scanning for easy use in the inLab MC X5 Please define text

Dentsply Cerona Cercon xt

Cercon xt – extra translucent zirconia

Cercon xt demonstrates extra high translucency in all 16 VITA* shades with True Color Technology:

  • Extra high translucency and unparalleled shade accuracy allows life-like esthetics especially for the anterior region (bending strength: 750 MPa) and complements the Cercon product portfolio.
  • Saves processing time and increases productivity (no need to dip, to stain or to veneer)

Kersten Wegner, Dentist

"It's great to have a choice which delivers a high aesthetic solution for the anterior region out of zirconia. Especially if you don´t have enough space for Lithium silicate. With Cercon xt you have a higher bending strength and almost the same translucency as with Lithium silicate. The results from Cercon xt are really impressive."

Dentsply Sirona zirconia cercon ht

Cercon ht – high translucent zirconia

Offers a wide range of indications in the anterior and posterior region (bending strength: 1200 MPa). With Cercon ht as a high translucent material you can choose different performance levels out of one disc.

Frankie Acosta, Dental Technician

"Cercon ht with True Color Technology convinced me to change my production process from dipping into using pre-shaded disks in my mill. The results are consistent and reproducible. I was able to increase my capacity which means I can satisfy more customers at the same time."

Zirconium oxide sinter ceramic, opaque

inCoris ZI in a partially sintered state is used to produce crown copings and bridge frameworks with up to two pontics in the anterior and posterior regions. After sintering they will acquire the desired properties: precise dimensions, density, strength, and shade.

  • High-performance ceramics for large-span and delicately designed frameworks
  • Outstanding fracture resistance and long service life
  • Excellent processing quality and biocompatibility
  • Approved for speed sintering and superspeed sintering with inFire HTC speed
  • Indications: Anterior and posterior copings, bridge frameworks, telescope crowns, bars, attachments

More information: brochures and directions for use

Digital Materials Product Brochure 1 MB

Digital Materials Product Brochure

Cercon xt Multilayer Brochure 7 MB

Cercon xt Multilayer Brochure

Cercon Brochure 2 MB

Cercon Brochure

Cercon ht brochure 1 MB

Cercon ht Brochure

Cercon ht, Cercon xt directions for use, multilingual 13 MB

Cercon ht, Cercon xt directions for use, multilingual

All-ceramic solutions for every need 3 MB

All-ceramic solutions for every need

inCoris ZI Colors / Farbschema 414 kB

Colors for inCoris ZI

Order form - Discs and tools for inLab MC X5 773 kB

Order form - Discs and tools for inLab MC X5

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