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Dentsply Sirona Denmark
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All the metal that matters

Copper to nickel and all points in-between

Your choice in archwires is a critical decision in your quest for excellence. Dentsply Sirona has been recognized as a pioneer, as well as a leader, in archwire technology for over 25 years. We offer a wide selection of high quality archwires designed to treat almost any situation.

Sentalloy®, Neo Sentalloy® and BioForce® PLUS NiTi wires offer superelastic shape memory properties unparalleled in the industry. Our Copperloy® NiTi wire offers flexibility and performance, and the flexible and smooth Nickel-free Resolve® Beta Titanium is manufactured in small batches to promote consistency and reduce breakage often associated with beta titanium archwires. We also offer a wide array of high quality stainless steel, keyhole looped and multi-strand braided derivatives.

Nickel Titanium Wires

The Sentalloy wire family is designed to deliver a gentle, light continuous force to mitigate periodontal stress.

Unique properties of sentalloy superelastic Wires

Body heat activation

At room temperature, Sentalloy wires are soft, pliable, and easy to engage. Once warmed to body temperature the wire gently and predictably guides the teeth to the present arch form.


Even when severely malposed, Sentalloy continues to exert its gentle, near constant forces as the tooth moves.

Shape memory effect

Sentalloy will take displacements up to 90 degrees without deforming. Its overwhelming desire to return to its original shape actually promotes tooth movement with fewer wire changes and fewer patient visits.

Sentalloy® Archwires


Initial archwire with body heat activation and true superelasticity with near constant forces.

Neo Sentalloy® Archwires

Square or rectangular

Intermediate archwire with body heat activation and true superelasticity with near constant forces. Also available with IONGUARD.*

* IONGUARD is not a coating; it is a fundamental change in the wire’s surface. Without changing the wire’s dimensions, or altering any of the wire’s unique superelastic properties. The process produces sliding mechanics comparable to stainless steel, while sealing the occlusal surface to reduce nickel leaching and breakage.

BioForce® Archwires

Square or rectangular

Optimally biological forces begin at approximately 80 grams of force at the anteriors, and gradually increases to approximately 300 grams of force in the molars. Also available with IONGUARD.*

BioForce® PLUS Archwires

Square or rectangular

Optimally biological forces begin at approximately 80 grams of force at the anteriors, and gradually increases to approximately 300 grams of force in the molars. Also available with IONGUARD.*

BioForce PLUS Advantages

  • Three force zones, delivering gradually increasing forces from the anterior to the posterior
  • Ability to enter the working stage earlier, in many cases eliminating a wire from your sequence
  • Near constant force designed for a comfortable treatment experience
  • Superelastic to express even the most extreme bends
  • Heat activated for ideal workability at room temperature
  • Designed to take displacements up to 90° without permanent deformation
  • Greater ability to release stored energy consistently when compared to beta-titanium or stainless steel wires
  • Available with IonGuard to reduce friction


The Nimble Copper Wire

The Copperloy family is designed to deliver a comfortable and efficient experience. The addition of copper enhances the thermal properties of the wire.

Unique properties of Copperloy Superelastic Wires

Scientifically Proven - Precision engineered Copper NiTi allows the wire to express fast, consistent movement.

Consistent Performance - Achieve a steady, complete expression of force across all wire sizes for a more precise finishing point. Copper NiTi wires are also more resistant to permanent deformation.

Resists Breakage - Controlled load ranges to reduce breakage.

Easy Engagement - Due to low hysteresis, the smaller loading forces make wire engagement in the slot easier, even in severe cases. Available in a wide range of sizes, force levels and transformation temperatures. Midline etched and select sizes available with stops.

Lowland NiTi Archwires

Work-Hardened-NiTi Archwires

Lowland NiTi archwire features gentle, continuous forces for efficient tooth movement. Available in a wide selection of arch forms, these bendable NiTi wires provide an economical solution for a variety of applications.

Resolve® Beta Titanium Archwire

Resolve Beta Titanium archwires are processed in smaller batches for greater consistency. Resolve contains no nickel that can cause allergic reactions in some patients. It can be used at any stage of treatment, but it is especially effective where moderate forces are necessary for early torque control and final detailing.

Stainless Steel Archwires

Our Stainless Steel wire is made from premium type 304 VAR steel. It’s virtually free from imperfections that can cause brittleness and breakage. Our square, rectangular, and braided wires are shaped to the tightest standards, and laser monitored for total batch consistency. Available in soft, medium, and hard tempers, and in preformed arches as well as straight wire lengths.

Multi-Strand Stainless Steel

Multi-Strand wires come in the greatest variety of stiffness to meet a wide variety of applications. All our Multi-Strand wires are formed from 304-VAR stainless steel containing 3 to 8 strands.

  • WildCat® Wire – High-tempered 3-strand twisted wire
  • TriCat Wire – Three twisted round wires
  • Quad-Cat Wire – Preformed, 3-strand rectangular twisted wire
  • PentaCat® Wire – Coaxial wire, spooled or preformed, 5 strands
  • HexaCat Wire – 6-strand round, spooled coaxial wire
  • Multi Braid Arches – 8-strand braided edgewise wire
  • WildCat® Lingual Retainer Wire – Straight lengths, uniquely designed with a coarse finish

Lingual Archwires

Our lingual archwires are available in Sentalloy, Neo Sentalloy and Resolve Beta Titanium. These are wires that are recommended to be used with our lingual bracket lines, In-Ovation L and No•Trace. Wires are available in .012”and .014” for Sentalloy, .017”x.025” for Neo Sentalloy, and .016” and .016”x.022” for Resolve Beta Titanium.

High Esthetic Archwires

According to a patient survey by the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, ceramic appliances with clear or white wires are rated consistently higher over their metal counterparts in terms of esthetics. This is a difference for which patients are willing to pay several hundred dollars.

Crafted by a unique rhodium process, our High Esthetic archwires have a low-reflectivity surface for a soft, frosted appearance delivering the same outstanding properties and performance as their standard counterparts.

Coballoy Wire

Coballoy is an inexpensive, cobalt chromium alloy wire that is remarkably tough, yet it is more malleable than stainless steel. It can be heat treated for greater resiliency, or used without heat treatment. It can be welded or soldered and is ideal for wires that require complex bending. Coballoy is available in packs of 10, 14” lengths.

Double Keyhole Retraction Loop Retraction Steel Wire

Double Keyhole Loop stainless steel archwires are used to gently close spaces with the ideal stiffness to maintain arch form. This wire is available in two millimeter increments from 22mm to 44mm, with two or four keyhole loops.

Brass Posted Archwire

Our Posted archwires combine the resiliency of stainless steel archwire with the malleability of brass for easy directional bending of the post. Available in .018” x .025” and .019” x .025”, pack of 10 wires.


Retranol, “The Bite Opener,” reverse curve archwires, are produced from work hardened nickel titanium. This wire provides a greater working range than stainless steel wires and affords ideal dimensional stability to avoid “dumping” the anteriors during retraction. Opening the bite now requires less than half the time that was needed with stainless steel. Retranol also needs fewer archwire changes and adjustments. Throughout treatment, Retranol remains active without deforming.

Intranol CTA

The NiTi memory and force properties of Intranol CTA are excellent for incisor flaring, leveling anterior occlusal cants, molar tip back, correction of minor open bites, Class II molar correction, and finishing.


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