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Treatment concepts

We know that the treatment center has to fully adapt to your needs to optimally support you during the treatment. Consequently, we let you choose between three different treatment concepts - the sliding track, the continental style (CS) and the traditional style (TS).


Why choose Sinius?

Integration of Endodontics and Implantology

Ready whenever you are - simplify your practice workflows with the integrated implantology and endodontics function.


Choice of treatment concepts

Choose between the sliding track, the whip arm type (Continental Style) or a OTP support arm (Traditional Style).


Compact Design

With its unique chair lift system and the flexible positioning of the dentist and assistant element, the use of space of Sinius is optimized.


The combined movements of backrest and seat support an ergonomic extension of the spine, so that the patient is comfortably moved to the treatment position.


Lumbar support function

The backrest can be adjusted individually to the shape of each patient's back.

"With the integrated patient communication system, I can let the patient see what I see. The direct involvement results in trust, a higher case acceptance and increased recommendations."

Dr. Verena Freier, Bad Soden, Germany


Integration possibilities


Color Selection

Whatever the color scheme of your office, we've got options for your dental chair's upholstery colors.

Sinius Package Options

You can put your Sinius treatment center together just as you wish it, and then systematically add to it later. That way, you pay only for what you need. This represents the basic unit equipment options. Continue reading to find out more about the individual option you can add.

Choose from one of the following packages representing the functional complement to basic equipment presented at the top.

All option packages can be combined with each other freely.

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Individual Add-ons

Have a look at a selection of products that contribute to perfectly to a Sinius Treatment Center.

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