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Dental Sintering and Porcelain Furnaces from Dentsply Sirona


Why choose our Dental Sintering and Porcelain Furnaces?

The furnaces cover a wide range of indications

They sensibly complement the CEREC and inLab product ranges

Easy to operate touch-displays for intuitive usability

Fast heating rates

The sintering process

During sintering, fine-grained ceramic or metallic materials are heated up at a temperature below the melting temperature of the main components. The shape of the workpiece remains intact. The material condenses and shrinks. A green body is formed which solidifies by temperature. The sintered product only then gets its final properties such as hardness, strength or temperature conductivity. The sintering shrinkage is taken into account during the construction of the restoration – the workpiece is milled larger by the shrinkage factor.

Further CAD/CAM Components from Dentsply Sirona

To benefit from seamless and easy workflows, use Dentsply Sirona furnaces in combination with a range of intraoral and extraoral scanners, multiple software solutions and various milling and grinding machines.

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  1. Depending on material type and restoration thickness