Step 1: Scan with inEos X5

Precise digital capturing of the bite registration

Step 2: Design with inLab CAD SW 20.0

inLab SW 20.0 basically offers the laboratory two options for digital tooth set-up: the use of digitized denture teeth from a tooth library or individual tooth set-up. Both are based on the unique biogeneric method, which the software uses to adapt the occlusion teeth to the given jaw situation.

Step 3: Manufacturing of the denture base

Denture base (and monolithic Try-In) can each be milled from a disc or produced by 3D printing. The design data are seamlessly transferred within the inLab system to the inLab CAM software or alternatively exported as STL format via the optional interface module of the inLab CAD software.

Step 4: Final tooth positioning

The design data is seamlessly and automatically transferred to the inLab CAM software. Depending on the requirements, the milling objects can be individually positioned and sprue position can be defined, for example to reduce manual reworking. When using digitized denture teeth, the prefabricated IPN 3D Digital Denture Teeth are inserted.

Step 5: Bonding

The milled tooth arch or the prefabricated teeth are bonded to the denture base.

Video Tutorials for inLab SW 20

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