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Traditional dentures are effective, but the industry needs and expectations are changing. The Dentsply Sirona Digital Mill Denture Workflow Solution addresses the downsides of traditional denture fabrication by delivering a more efficient process with resource optimization. It delivers all the materials that you need to create excellent-fitting dentures. You will appreciate the cleaner, simplified workflow that optimizes resources and increases profits.

Digital Mill Denture Products


Why choose our products for digital mill dentures?


From the scan to the finished result – users of the inLab system benefit from the coordinated hardware and software components – for fast, convenient, and reliable work.


Validated materials and coordinated digital workflows give added reliability for integrating CAD/CAM process partners.


inLab users remain flexible via STL interfaces for integrating existing CAD/CAM solutions –for independent and economical production processes.


Digital Mill Workflow

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Lucitone Digital Print Denture System provides an easy-to-operate, cost-effective way for any lab with a Carbon® M-Series¹, Asiga MAX™ UV¹, or Asiga PRO 4K™¹ printer and drive profitability, without sacrificing the material standards.

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1. Carbon is a registered trademark of Carbon, Inc. Asiga, Asiga MAX, and Asiga PRO 4K are trademarks of Asiga.