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Experience innovative solutions for your practice and patients with Gutta-Smart.

Gutta-Smart from Dentsply Sirona


Why choose Gutta-Smart?

The efficiency of a total solution

Paired with the enhanced fit of Conform Fit master cones, Gutta-Smart provides the efficiency you expect in a complete obturation solution.

Gutta-percha with low-temperature flow

In both Conform Fit master cones and Gutta-Smart cartridges, the gutta-percha formula flows at a lower temperature, requiring less heat from the handpieces.

The right fit you can feel

Conform Fit master cones provide a snug apical fit for accurate tug-back, while the cordless Gutta-Smart handpieces provide precise control and excellent tactile feedback.

Durable, cordless performance

Well-balanced, lightweight and comfortable to use, both handpieces are cordless for freedom of movement.

All-day power³

A single charge gives you the power to complete an entire day’s work.


On the left: Using different formulations of gutta-percha in one case can cause varying degrees of opacity.
Image courtesy of Dr. Phillip Bell, Mooresville, NC

On the right: Gutta-Smart and Conform Fit feature the same advanced gutta-percha for radiographic consistency.
Image courtesy of Dr. Nathaniel Behrents, Fayetteville, AR


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  1. As compared to Dentsply Sirona Calamus®; data available. 
  2. As compared to Dentsply Sirona Calamus® Dual; data available.
  3. The battery capacities of the Flow and Pack handpieces allow for them to be used up to five procedures per day on a single charge.