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Bring innovation to your lab with Lucitone Digital Print Denture System.

Confidence for Digital Evolution

Lucitone Digital Print Denture System lets you quickly produce the most comfortable, technologically sophisticated dentures available today, while allowing you to maintain your clinical workflows. This builds confidence, not just for lab technicians, but for clinicians and patients as well.

The validated materials and workflows establishments process consistency and product confidence to deliver accuracy, efficacy, and repeatable results.


Lucitone Digital Print Denture Workflow

Step 1: Design

Step 2: Print Teeth/Try-ins

Step 3: Print Denture Base with Lucitone Digital Print

Step 4: Fuse

Step 5: Cure with Dentsply Sirona Digital Curing Units

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Lucitone Digital Print Denture Curriculum

Digital learning tools are available at your convenience with on-demand education. Ask your Dentsply Sirona representative for more information about becoming a Lucitone Digital Print Denture certified lab.

Lucitone Digital Print Denture System

Lucitone Digital Print Denture System provides an easy-to-operate, cost-effective way for any lab with a Carbon® M-Series¹, Asiga MAX™ UV¹, or Asiga PRO 4K™¹ printer and drive profitability, without sacrificing the material standards.

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1. Carbon is a registered trademark of Carbon, Inc. Asiga, Asiga MAX, and Asiga PRO 4K are trademarks of Asiga.