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Empowering dental professionals through innovation & education

Clinical Excellence

Evidence-based education for achieving clinical excellence in all disciplines.

Technical Excellence

Education and hands-on training in best-practice use of specific Dentsply Sirona enabling technologies.

  • Imaging systems
  • Instruments
  • Infection prevention

Bringing out the best in dental professionals

At Dentsply Sirona, we are focused on empowering dental professionals to provide better, safer, faster dental care. We work with them to envision what‘s possible, then provide innovative solutions to achieve it. Education and support help move each procedure forward, ensuring the benefits are realized.

Just as lifelong learning is a core value for dental professionals worldwide, education is at the core of our Mission. The Dentsply Sirona Academy aims to provide the knowledge, skills, inspiration and certification dental professionals need to stay up-to-date and develop themselves and their practices.

Together we can achieve even more

Our trusted brands have empowered dental professionals to provide better, safer and faster care in all dental disciplines for over 100 years.

During this time we have built the broadest education curriculum in dentistry, one which helps train approximately 350,000 people every year across an extensive curriculum.

However, as advanced as dentistry is today, we are dedicated to making it even better together with the professionals on whom patients rely.

Now, bringing all our education activities together under one Dentsply Sirona Academy brand, we aim to do even more. Together we will have the scale and resources to continue driving education, and help dental professionals develop themselves and their practices more than ever before.

Education when and where dental professionals need it

Each year the Dentsply Sirona Academy helps more than 350,000 dental professionals get the knowledge, skills, inspiration and certification they need to stay up-to-date as well as develop themselves and their practices.

Our extensive curriculum of courses includes a wide range of formats, from live lectures and demonstrations to hands-on training and on-demand webinars. Courses are offered at different levels, in different languages, and at many locations worldwide, often in connection with other dental events to make them easy and fun to attend.

As we bring all of our education activities together under one Academy, we will also be able to provide the largest digital forum for knowledge sharing in dentistry. In addition to cases, videos, radiographs, presentations, articles and abstracts, the forum will facilitate development discussions between dental professionals from all disciplines and geographies.

From students to experienced clinicians and Key Opinion Leaders, we provide the broadest range of opportunities to learn. With more than 11,000 courses in over 80 countries every year, we ensure dental professionals can get the education they need, where and when they need it.

To dental professionals from dental professionals

Nothing would be possible without the hard work of the dental professionals and organizations that help develop the content, and deliver the courses, provided by the Academy.

We actively engage with thought leaders, as well as clinical and technical experts in many different fields, and at many different levels, in the development and delivery of courses.

We collaborate with universities and dental schools to develop curricula, and collaborate with dental organizations to deliver courses to their members around the world in the most efficient way.

Without our amazing Academy faculty, comprising accomplished dental professionals from all fields of dentistry, and all corners of the world, we would not be able to provide the knowledge, skills, and inspiration that dental professionals need to stay up-to-date and develop themselves and their practices.

What's New at the Academy