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Porcelain Veneering Systems

Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics offers a full range of porcelain products to meet dental laboratories' requirements and have characteristics that set it apart from the competition 1) stable shades and handling 2) easy to shade and 3) easy-to-reproduce. Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics porcelains range from the highly aesthetic premium porcelain system, Ceramco iC, to the workhorse, easy-to-use Ceramco3 and PFZ porcelain lines of ceramics, and other economic Ceramco options. 

Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics also offers European systems, such as Kiss. Now available the comprehensive veneering porcelain system Celtra Ceram. Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics constantly seeks new ways to meet the varied needs of dental laboratory partners.

Porcelain for Every Personality

Consistent, aesthetic results from every technique in your lab, every time.

Ceramco3 is a feldspathic porcelain with organic pigments mixed into the powder. This high potassium formula is much more stable than low-potassium feldspar that has to be “cooked” with other minerals before it can be used. This stability allows for better individual control, so you can give each of your technicians the freedom to work the way they work best and always achieve predictable results.

The #1 threat to the laboratory is competitive price pressure from the dentists you work with. The Ceramco3 porcelain system works well with liquid or water and utilizes a customized fi ring process, helping every type of technician in your lab reduce remakes and increase laboratory profi tability and productivity, no matter their skill level.

The correct mixing of Ceramco3 liquid and powder will produce a consistency of porcelain that is not only quick and easy to build up with but also helps to control shrinkage. Colorants are incorporated to help clearly identify the placement of each layer of the build, allowing for natural variation and greater forgiveness.

Ceramco3 provides predictable esthetics with out-of-the-bottle shades and components allowing for a multitude of new effects. New and improved Dentin Modifiers deliver chromatic and hue effects that allow for natural variation and greater forgiveness during the build-up.

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Both Ceramco II & Ceramco II Silver porcelains provide exceptional thermal stability, handling and aesthetic properties. The "Silver" porcelains have been uniquely engineered to resist discoloration by silver-containing alloys, eliminating the need for special liquids and techniques or remakes due to greening silver alloys. 

These systems feature the patented Ceramco II color coordinated opaque, opaceous body and body technology, which enhances aesthetics and reduces the need for or modification due to variations in porcelain thickness. 

Both systems are available in "G" (German or Vita Lumin) shades. Ceramco II is also available in "B" (Bioform) and "B-CD" (Bioform Color-Ordered) shades.

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The Ceramco PFZ porcelain for zirconia system utilizes advanced manufacturing processes to provide natural esthetics and the ease of use characteristic of Ceramco porcelains. This leucite-free porcelain enchances technician's craftmanship due to its complex chemical properties of opalescence, fluorescence and translucency for light reflection, refraction and transmission like natural teeth. Ceramco PFZ features optical characteristics integrated throughout the liner, opaceous dentin, dentin and enamel materials,

With Ceramco PFZ, clinicians can expect excellent esthetics in their zirconia restorations. Ceramco PFZ offers a full spectrum of out-of-the-bottle shades. Select from 16 A-D shades, 4 bleached shades and 26 PZ Shade Series shades. Ceramco PFZ porcelain is the ideal venering porcelain for zirconia frameworks, and can be used with Cercon Zirconia or with other Y-TZP 100% stabilized zirconia frameworks. 

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Ceramco iC is the ONE truly integrated ceramic system used for PFM, PTM and All-Ceramic that can deliver European style fixed prosthetic restorations, with reduced inventory, while improving efficiency and throughout, ONE color correlated shade system.

Consisting of 16 A-D shades, 26 CC Shade Series Shades, keyed to the Vita 3D-Master Shade Series, and 4 bleached shades, Ceramco iC ensures beauty and consistency across combination cases. ONE efficient universal paste opaque requires 25% less material and opaquing time, ONE ingot, ONE pressing cycle and ONE stain and glaze cycle. The Ceramco iC system for All-Ceramic and PTM allows for grouping work and reducing time.

The Ceramco iC Intergrated Porcelain System means ONE inventory!

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Kiss - for all framework materials

3 Kiss ceramic lines

Duceragold Kiss - High-expansion alloys

Duceram Kiss - Classic alloys, bio-alloys, non-precious alloys

Cercon Ceram Kiss - Zirconia (Cercon base, Cercon ht)

• One build-up scheme for all framework materials
• Simple and fast processing thanks to the perfect adaptation of the ceramic veneering material to the system’s framework materials
• Each ceramic veneering material within the Kiss system is associated with closely matched framework materials offering you a maximum of processing safety.
• Excellent shade harmony across the Kiss ceramics
• Multi-functional and light-dynamic materials powders
• Efficient ceramic range – only 73 different materials powders

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