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Prime & Bond Active - active control for reliable restorations

Any etch. Any procedure. One bottle. Prime&Bond active, is a situation-ready universal adhesive that puts control back in your hands allowing the clinician to choose their preferred etching method — total-etch, self-etch or selective-etch — across all direct and indirect indications.

Prime&Bond active introduces the new, patented Active-Guard Technology. Our formulation provides well balanced hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties to ensure complete coverage and penetration at varying moisture levels. So even if dentin is overly wet or dry, you get a reliable bond that actively guards against the leading causes of adhesive failure.

For a reliable, gap-free composite even on damp or too dry dentin. Practically without postoperative hypersensitivity:

  • Versatility for use with all etching methods, all indications
  • Reliable performance on over-wet and over-dried dentin
  • Virtually no post-operative sensitivity
  • Low film thickness for a reduced risk of pooling and misfit of the restoration
  • A relaxed working time and reduced waste, remaining usable for 30 minutes in a closed CliXdish
  • High initial bond strength with Calibra Ceram cement for indirect restorations
  • A patented formulation free of HEMA, TGDMA, or bisphenol

Coming to your dental dealer in Autumn 2017


Most adhesives are comparatively hydrophobic, tending to separate from water. With too much water on the prepared surface, the adhesive can’t achieve uniform coverage, leaving gaps that may weaken the bond and may cause post-operative sensitivity. If dentin is overly dried, collagen fibers can collapse and prevent effective sealing.

Prime&Bond active overcomes the surface tension of water and spreads across dentin and into dentinal tubules to form an even, homogeneous layer. Upon air-drying, the solvent and water evaporate together, leaving a consistent coating of adhesive across the entire surface to ensure a strong bond.

IBOND® Universal

Can not overcome the surface tension of the water.Adhesive and water do not mix.

Scotchbond™ Universal

Cannot overcome the surface tension of water. Adhesive and water remain separated.

Prime&Bond active

Mixes actively with water and covers the cavity evenly. The excess water then evaporates together with the solvent, resulting in a homogeneous, non-uniform adhesive layer.


Inherent surface tension prevents other adhesives from spreading easily across the surface of the cavity. Dry spots that remain unbonded can weaken the restoration and may lead to post-operative sensitivity and microleakage.

Prime&Bond active is formulated to spread actively, minimizing the risk of inadvertently leaving dry spots.

IBOND® Universal

Other universal adhesives do not spread by themselves

Scotchbond™ Universal

Other universal adhesives do not spread by themselves

Prime&Bond active

A single adhesive drop was applied to the surface with an applicator tip without further processing. It spreads by itself over most of the surface.


Thick adhesives can have a tendency to pool in the corners of the proximal box of a Class II restoration. These adhesive pools can show up as translucent areas on a radiograph, which can easily be misdiagnosed as a void, gap, or secondary decay, leading to unnecessary replacement. Thicker adhesives may also change crown prep geometry, impacting crown fit.

Prime&Bond active self-levels to actively create a thin, uniform adhesive layer.

Scotchbond ™ Universal

Clearfil™ Universal

Prime&Bond active


• Bottle and Single Unit Dose options will be available

• Precise dispensing for minimal waste and mess

• Low viscosity for easy application

• Up to 30 minutes working time in a closed CliXdish, reducing waste when filling multiple cavities

Coming to your dental dealer in Autumn 2017