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SDR (Smart Dentin Replacement)

SDR Posterior Bulk Fill Flowable Base has handling characteristics of a typical “flowable” composite, but can be placed in 4 mm increments with minimal polymerization stress. It is self-leveling, which allows intimate adaptation to the prepared cavity walls.

SDR filling technique

Up to 40% placement time saving vs. layering technique

 1. SDR

 2. Capping Layer: Universal Composite


Complex Layering Technique

1. Flowable Liner

2. Increment 1: Universal Composite

3. Increment 2: Universal Composite

4. Increment 3: Universal Composite

SDR's flow-like consistency results in self-leveling and excellent cavity adaption.

Up to 60% less shrinkage stress

The unique and patented formulation of SDR leads to a controlled polymerization. A modulator was included helping the monomers to form a more relaxed network. This compensates the effect of volume shrinkage leading to less shrinkage stress (force). Therefore SDR can be placed in 4 mm layers avoiding the cumbersome and time consuming layering technique.

The ideal restorative for...

  • Up to 4 mm increments
  • Excellent cavity adaption, even in undercuts
  • Conventional Flowable as liner is no longer needed -  reduced complexity

Reliable adhesion to dentin in high C-factor endo cavities

  • Zero pre-test failures
  • Reliable bond

"When high C-factor cavities are filled in bulk, the choice of the composite will be important in order to avoid adhesive debonding."

Van Ende / Van Meerbeek BIOMAT, KU Leuven (University of Leuven)

Better coronal seal

  • Zero leakage into root canals
  • Enhances the success rate of endodontic treated teeth

"SDR ensures a tight seal of the endodontic access cavity - an important factor for the long-term endodontic treatment success"

Prof. Dr. Schirrmeister, University of Freiburg, Germany

Simple, fast and reliable

  • Increments up to the occlusal surface - no capping needed
  • Universal translucent shade matches well to primary dentition
  • Fast and easy application technique, ideal for children

"SDR reduces chairside time - a major advantage, especially when it comes to the treatment of children."

Dr. Vicky Ehlers, University of Mainz, Germany

  • Flows easily in all fissures
  • Precise application with canula
  • Fast application
  • Easy to cut - similar to dentin
  • 4 mm depth of cure