Dental Implants Course Series Overview


Dental implants are not just a screw -- they are magic keys to the most incredible experience: an everyday life without dental pain or concerns. After 30 years of research and over 2,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications, we can confidently say that Dentsply Sirona has revolutionized implant dentistry. And now it’s your turn. Our comprehensive course series is designed to teach clinicians about implants, from the basics to complex case management, and keep them up-to-date on the latest technologies and procedures. We are proud to assist you in achieving clinical, technical and practice success -- and confidently providing the best possible care for your patients.

Key Takeaways 


  • Build and expand clinicians’ digital implant skills.
  • Outline fundamental surgical techniques and drilling protocols.
  • Summarize digital impression and provisionalization techniques.
  • Build an armamentarium of soft tissue management tools and techniques.




Learn Based on Skillset

This course series is designed to help build and expand your digital implant skills according to levels of experience and personal learning preferences. We invite those newer to implant dentistry to start from the beginning, and those with more experience to jump in further down the learning pathway. Through this self-paced course series, you will be able to learn more about implant dentistry - from foundational through mastery levels. The majority of the course series is delivered via an interactive, procedure-based series of dental implant courses that use individual cases to teach current implant treatment. This approach is in contrast to conventional dental education that focuses more on didactic topics and theory. The purpose of using this educational approach is to highlight the patients and procedures found in everyday clinical practice, where the most important concepts are observed and discussed in multiple clinical scenarios.

Foundational: Level 1

These introductory-level courses will provide an overview of digital implant workflows, including intraoral scanning, clinical photography and virtual case planning. This Level-1 class will also examine the fundamentals of implant design, osseointegration and treatment planning. Upon completion, you are encouraged to continue to Levels 2-6, the Procedure-Based courses, which focus on restoring a single-tooth implant in the posterior and anterior zones.

Procedure-Based: Level 2-6

These intermediate-level courses will instruct you how to place and restore a single-tooth implant in the posterior and anterior zones. Upon completion, you are encouraged to continue your education to Levels 7-8, the Mastery courses, which focus on expanding the implants’ scope and providing the knowledge necessary for full-arch removable implant restorations.

Mastery: Level 7 - 8

These advanced-level courses will introduce experienced clinicians to bone grafting materials, techniques and procedures, including socket preservation, horizontal ridges, and sinuses internally and externally. As participants progress to the subsequent level, special attention will be given to immediate placement/loading, the esthetic zone, and surgical and restorative complications prevention and management.

About Our Course Series Directors

The Directors received compensation from Dentsply Sirona for the production of this content.

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