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Why choose Cercon ht ML?

Strength & Safety

From single crowns up to 14-unit bridges, based on the high bending strength (gradient from 1200 MPa in the dentin up to 750 MPa in the incisal) and over 20 years of documented Cercon experience.

Lifelike gradient

The gradient of the layers matching natural tooth aesthetics in one disc without the need to veneer or stain.

Approved Color Accuracy

Excellent color matching for all 16 VITA®1 shades and BL2. Consistent quality from batch to batch. Color accuracy confirmed by dental technicians from Europe and the USA.

Easy to use

Easy to nest and same milling and firing programs for all Cercon zirconia discs.

Zirconia Multilayer Material

Being a hybrid zirconia multilayer material, Cercon ht ML combines high flexural strength and natural tooth aesthetics in one disc with a gradient from 1200 MPa in the dentin up to 750 MPa in the incisal. It is recommended to nest the crown or bridge in the upper part of the disc to achieve the optimum aesthetic result. The graphic depicts layers of an 18mm Cercon ht ML disc. 


The finishing of all-ceramic restorations is an essential component of aesthetics and quality. Cercon Multilayers can be finished with only a single glaze or by an individual characterization with stains.

Examples: 14 unit bridge, milled in Cercon ht ML, Shade A2, finished with Dentsply Sirona Universal Stain & Glaze.

Zirconia in the digital workflow

Dentsply Sirona offers the full range of products required to process zirconium oxide in the digital workflow. From scan and design via mill, sinter and finishing to the cementation.

Dental Cements Guide

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Technical Details

Composition (in % by mass)

  • Zirconium oxide
  • Yttrium oxide 5 – 9%
  • Hafnium oxide < 3%
  • Aluminum oxide, Silicon oxide, other oxides < 2%

Flexural strength: 750-1200 MPa

Translucency2: 41-49 %

CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion): 10,5 μm/m·K (25 – 500 °C)

Indications in the anterior and posterior segments: Cercon ht ML is indicated in the anterior and posterior segments for:

  • Crowns
  • Telescopic primary crowns
  • Multi-unit bridges (with no more than two pontics between abutment crowns; with no more than 6 units3)
  • Two piece abutments4

Cercon ht ML can be used as a substructure (framework) which is then veneered with a dental veneering ceramic or can be used for full-contour application (without veneering) as well.
In the case of telescopic primary crowns, the substructure is not veneered.

Sintering temperature: 1500 °C. Same firing program as for all Cercon zirconia products. Speed sintering in 2 hours and 50 minutes

Adapter ring: blue

True Color Technology: yes

Shades: All 16 VITA®1 -shades + BL2

inLab SW 20.0: From version 20.0.1 part of the material library & nesting tool. Scanning via QR code.

Universal Stain & Glaze: Staining and overglaze for all-ceramics like all Cercon Zirconia materials.

Celtra Ceram: Veneering ceramic for all-ceramic frame materials like Cercon and Celtra Press.

Calibra Bio4 Cement: Bioceramic Luting Cement. Self-repairing hydroxyapatite (HA) layer. For long lasting marginal integrity, naturally. Part of the complete Calibra family of cements.


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1 VITA is a registered brand of VITA Zahnfabrik GmbH
2 Translucency measured on a white disc with haze meter. Internal data on file. For more information, contact  
3 For Canada only
4 Not available in every country; please contact your local Dentsply Sirona representative