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Sealing Devices for safe Instrument Packaging

Packaging instruments quickly and safely with an easy and fast workflow.

Instrument packaging is an important step in avoiding recontamination of instruments.

SiroSeal Premium

The sealing process is reproducible and can be validated with SiroSeal Premium. Outstanding ease of use, performance and convenient options for process documentation make SiroSeal Premium the new benchmark for sealing devices of this class. And all with an unbeatable heat-up time of 90 seconds and a sealing time of just three seconds.


Why choose SiroSeal Premium?

Packaging process can be validated

Standardization requirements are met in accordance with ISO 11607-2. According to the standard, the process parameters of temperature, contact pressure and sealing time are continuously monitored and documented, and can be confirmed as part of the process validation.

First class usability

The easily readable LCD display with LED status display, the intuitive 4-button operation, the option of user administration, two integrated USB interfaces and a maintenance counter make the sealing device an intelligent aid that will provide optimal support for compliance with your infection control workflow.

Energy saving mode

The device switches automatically into energy saving mode and then into standby mode.

Seamless documentation

SiroSeal Premium can be connected directly to a PC to document and archive logs simply and safely using documentation software such as MELAtrace. As an alternative, the supplied 8 GB USB stick can be used to save process parameters.

SiroSeal Professional

Safe, proven and high performing: SiroSeal Professional is a stable, high-performance bar sealing device. The visual and acoustic indicator that displays, for example, operational readiness after a short warm-up time of about two minutes, is especially noteworthy.


Why choose SiroSeal Professional?

Safe and efficient

The reproducible sealing time is also indicated visually and acoustically. With the continuously adjustable thermostat, you can adjust the sealing temperature to the packaging material used and then seal several instruments without any pauses.

10 mm sealing seam width

That is significantly more than the minimum width of 6 mm required in the European standard EN 868-5


Flexible choice of materials

With SiroSeal Professional, you can remain flexible in your choice of materials and can rely on having the highest level of safety.


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