Training and Routine


Familiarize yourself with the scanner, e.g. by scanning a model or your assistant, and follow the scanning procedure you know from intensive training. Additionally, practice with cheek retractors such as Optragate - they make scanning much easier. Do not forget to use the practice time to find out which treatment position for the scan is most ergonomic for you.

Scanning with CEREC Primescan is very easy. If you do not have a preferred scan sequence yet, watch the video to get to know a scan strategy that is easy to learn and works well.

Use of the Software

The CEREC Software offers an enormous range of possibilities. Nevertheless, you should limit yourself to the essentials at the beginning and develop a routine. This means that you should rely on the initial proposals based on biogeneric principles and use the tools for adjustments, if necessary. 

In this tutorial you will learn the basics of the CEREC Software: Get to know the software interface and see how to create patients and manage the patient database.  

CEREC Software tutorials

Use our tutorials to familiarize yourself with the features and operation of the current CEREC SW. 

Patient marketing

Anyone wishing to use CEREC should talk to the patient and convince him or her of the advantages. More and more patients are now seeking information on the Internet. We highly recommend to integrate CEREC as a service on your practice website, where you can inform your patients about digital impressions and the restoration in one visit. You can get support from a marketing agency or take advantage of the patient marketing tools offered by Dentsply Sirona:

  • Presentation for the screen in the waiting room
  • Posters, flyers and appointment cards, to be ordered from your dealer

Organizational Topics

Familiarize your practice team with CEREC

In a CEREC treatment, the role of the team is of particular importance. There is a whole range of workflow steps that your assistants can easily perform after training. Particularly when operating your milling machine and CEREC SpeedFire, it makes sense to involve your team from the very beginning. Examples are changing the blocks and tools and cleaning the equipment.

Tutorials for CEREC Primemill

Routine Actions

In this tutorial you will learn how to change the water and the filter insert of CEREC Primemill. 

Water and filter insert changes

This tutorial informs you about the routine actions options displayed on the CEREC Primemill touch interface such as watertank and water filter conditions as well as cleaning processes. 

Filter bag and HEPA filter change

Find out how to exchange the filter bag and the HEPA filter of CEREC Primemill with this video.  

CAD/CAM Materials and their correct processing

As a standard work for all-ceramic restorations, "All-Ceramics at a Glance" by AG Keramik offers a guide to the various indications, material selection, preparation and placement of all-ceramic restorations.

You will find detailed information on the CAD/CAM materials by Dentsply Sirona here.

Tips for the first treatment


Further downloads are provided within our Download Center.

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