Dentsply Sirona provided consulting and planning services from the start for the new University Hospital for Dentistry and Oral Health in Graz, Austria. In cooperation with our client, the vision of a pioneering hospital and training facility was planned and implemented and the turnkey project was handed over in October 2015.


The challenge consisted of using the available space for the very individual demands of the almost 50 treatment centers and 37 simulation centers. Working with a local architect, we found a customized solution that took all the structural, technical, and training-related aspects into consideration. During implementation, Dentsply Sirona provided the various teams with the necessary expertise for the installation and operation of medical devices for dentistry.


As of October 2015, there are now 25 phantom, 12 simulation, and 47 treatment centers and extensive CAD/CAM equipment available for treating patients and training future dentists.

Clinic solutions by Dentsply Sirona- Graz University, Austria

"The interplay between architecture and medical technology creates a unique working atmosphere in this hospital."

Univ.-Prof. Walther Wegscheider, Head and Chair of Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery

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