When the University of Ulm in Germany was replacing their simulation units in 2014, they decided to collaborate for the first time with Dentsply Sirona, convinced by the tailor-made solution Dentsply Sirona offered: 42 Simulation Units for dental students and 1 master unit as well as 35 units for technicians were installed in 2014, all connected with the alphadidact® Digital system by EBS. This system makes learning more interactive for students because they can benefit from best possible viewing conditions. Image transmission happens in real-time without any delay and is possible from digital cameras and microscopes to all monitors, projectors and large screen displays. Through this multimedia system the students receive intensive training on eye-hand coordination, which is very important for their later work in dental practices.

To teach the students how to work with a microscope, the Simulation Units were equipped with 17 OPMI Pico microscopes by Zeiss. For a cost-efficient solution, the 16 microscopes for students were mounted on flexible arms, making one microscope accessible from three workplaces. The 17th microscope was combined into the master simulation unit.

To prepare the students for digital dentistry, 3 CEREC systems were installed including prepCheck for fully automated 3D analysis of tooth preparations.

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