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Treatment concepts

We know that the treatment centre has to fully adapt to your needs to optimally support you during the treatment. Consequently, we let you choose between two different treatment concepts - the continental style (CS) with whip arms and the traditional style (TS) with hanging hoses.


Why choose Intego?

Award-winning design

Intego perfectly combines appearance and functionality with its harmonious design while meeting the strict criteria of our ergonomics concept.


The network interface and USB port allow you to integrate new functions and network your practice.

Reliable and durable

Precise, elaborate quality tests and robust materials make Intego a durable treatment centre with an above-average service life. Designed and produced in Germany. Using precisely defined processes that ensure greatest reliability.

Upgradeable to Ambidextrous option

Designed for right- and left-handed users, the Intego Ambidextrous gives you a maximum of flexibility. The unique rotation mechanism makes it possible to turn the treatment centre in 4 simple steps.

Modern patient communication

The integrated SiroCam F/AF/AF+ autofocus cameras combine superior image quality with easy operation.


The tilting of the backrest matches the movement of the patient's spine to prevent stretching and compression effects.

Integrated endodontics

The integrated ApexLocator on the EasyTouch and the integrated Torque Control ensure greater safety and a streamlined workflow during endodontic treatments.

Intuitive operating concept

Optional Easy Touch graphical user interface. Clearly arranged touch panel for chair and instrument functions

Intego Ambidextrous

The ambidextrous option provides great flexibility in a small area. Despite the conversion option, no more space is required than for our existing Dentsply Sirona treatment centres. The intelligently designed rotating mechanism enables compact and space-saving movement at all times in every phase. During the movement process, the treatment centre remains completely stable in all positions.

Integration possibilities for endodontic treatments


The Intego infection prevention concept is designed so you can comply quickly and easily with all infection control regulations. The Compact water unit and assistant element can be adapted to many different demands and requirements by freely selectable suction systems and infection prevention options.

Flexible configuration

Intego offers numerous options to choose between - so that you can configure your Intego or Intego Pro treatment centre to fit your personal needs.

Flexible headrests

The flat headrest (left) can be adjusted quickly and flexibly. The double-articulating headrest (right) is even easier to position and allows optimal visibility.

Everything under control

Choose between the pneumatic instrument foot control (left) or the modern C+ electrontic foot control (right).

Optimal illumination

Ensure perfect visibility with LEDlight Plus (left) or benefit from the sophisticated technical features of LEDview Plus (right; such as composite mode and a large light field).

Comfortable upholstery options

Both the seamless Premium upholstery (left) and the soft Lounge upholstery (right) ensure high comfort even during long treatments.

Choose Treatment Concept

between the Traditional style with hanging hoses and the Continental Style with whip arms.

Intuitive operation

Intego offers two state-of-the art, intuitive user interfaces: the clear EasyPad (left) and innovative touchscreen technology EasyTouch (right).

Colour Selection

Whatever the colour scheme of your office, we've got options for your dentist stool upholstery colours.

Intego Package Options

The following packages represent the functional complement to basic equipment presented at the top.

All option packages can be combined with each other freely.

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Individual Add-ons

Choose from a wide selection of add-ons for your Intego treatment centre. Here are some examples of our customers' favourites.

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