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Why choose TruNatomy®  Solution?

More dentin preserved

TruNatomy preserves structural dentin and tooth integrity.

Enhanced patient safety

TruNatomy files provides enhanced safety as the risk of breakage is reduced due to its greater flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue.2

Superior efficiency

All three shaping files offer a slim shape combined with a unique cross-section for better performance while providing more space for thorough debris debridement.

Molar access

Offers easier access to posterior teeth due with the shortest handle on the market and ability to pre-bend.


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TruNatomy® is part of an endodontic treatment solution of files, matching paper points and Gutta-Percha points. Its unique file is designed to follow the natural anatomy of the root canal system and preserve natural tooth structure. Its matching obturation predictably fits shapes made with the instrument.

TruNatomy® has several advantages for endodontic treatment, including more space for debris removal, improved cyclic fatigue and less risk of breakage, reduced risk of blockage thanks to an improved compressibility3 as well as a sense of control and a smooth feeling throughout the procedure.

Additionally, the system enables shorter shaping time and enhanced patient comfort.3

Research has shown that instrumentation can compromise the strength of the tooth — but strength is restored when more dentin is saved.2 TruNatomy offers a unique combination of features that enables efficient root canal treatment while removing dentin only where needed.1 The system provides efficiency with less dentin removal thanks to a combination of dedicated heat-treated NITI (nickel titanium) with a 0.8 mm wire and its patented offcentered cross section shaping files with regressive taper to offer superior efficiency (compared to progressive taper instruments).

Additionally, TruNatomy Orifice Modifier shapes the orifice to create the entry point without straight line access, preserving pericervical dentin.

TruNatomy® is made to be used for a variety of endodontic cases, even complex ones that can call for more accuracy and control. This treatment solution works especially well in situations when the root canal system is curved, calcified, or challenging to access.

While TruNatomy has a short learning curve, it is recommended that dentists and endodontists explore specialised training in order to use TruNatomy® efficiently. The manufacturer of TruNatomy®, Dentsply Sirona, provides a range of training alternatives to aid dental professionals in mastering the system. Online lessons, instructional videos, and practical training programmes can all fall under this category. Dental professionals can help make sure they are utilising TruNatomy® safely and effectively and giving their patients the optimum results by completing the training.

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