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* The accuracy of the results of the inEos X5 with inLab CAD SW 16.0 was verified according to DIN EN ISO 12836.2015. The demonstrated accuracy on standard “bridge” test specimens was at 2.1 ± 2.8 μm, and on standard “inlay” test specimens 1.3 ± 0.4 μm.

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DS Core for Dentists

DS Core for Labs

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1. For validated sinter metal only
2. Optional with the inLab Profire Zirconia + Metal
3. For zirconium oxide; depends on the size of restorations and sinter support

The finishing of all-ceramic restorations is an essential component of aesthetics, quality and efficiency

Monolithic with just a glaze, or stain and glaze

The finishing of all-ceramic restorations is an essential component of aesthetics and quality.

Cercon Multilayers, Cercon ht ML and Cercon xt ML, can be finished with only a single glaze or by an individual characterisation with DS Universal Stain and Glaze.

The seamless layers delivers a natural aesthetics and especially in the anterior region Cercon ht ML can be used for covering discoloured dies, depending on the degree of discoloration and wall thickness of the restoration.


Cutback up to fully veneered

The cutback technique is particularly suitable for minimal individualisation, especially of the incisal area.
With the veneering ceramics Celtra Ceram or Cercon ceram Kiss, detailed individualisations can be carried out specifically and with little effort.

Cercon ht and Cercon xt are particularly suitable for this technique.

If a fully veneered restoration is desired or necessary for various reasons, it can also be fabricated with Celtra Ceram or Cercon ceram Kiss.

Cercon base in particular, but also Cercon ht and Cercon xt are suitable for this technique.

Example: 14-unit bridge, milled in Cercon ht ML, Shade A2, finished with Dentsply Sirona Glaze or Stain & Glaze

Example: Covering of discoloured dies with Cercon ht ML, Shade A2
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* See manufacturer warranty documents for more details

Find the right cement for your restoration


Whether you are using digital restorations manufactured in a dental lab or chairside in your office, the Dentsply Sirona Dental Cements guide will help you navigate through the type of restoration, different materials, and cement to use for a successful restoration. It will also recommend additional products to use and closes with helpful videos. In addition, you’ll find information about all the products used and links to their website pages for additional resourceful materials.


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