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With up to 7.5 N·cm and 3,000 rpm, the X-Smart® Pro+ endo motor was designed for optimal performance with the Dentsply Sirona’s endodontic file systems in both continuous rotation and reciprocating modes. Our integrated apex locator gives you confidence for an accurate shaping experience. And the touchscreen interface provides easy access to ideal settings for the files you choose, with upgradeable firmware to accommodate tomorrow’s treatments.


Why Choose X-Smart® Pro+?

Designed for optimal performance

The X-Smart Pro+ was designed for optimal performance with the Dentsply Sirona’s endodontic file systems in both rotary and reciprocating modes.

Integrated Apex Locator with Dynamic Accuracy™ Technology

Our Dynamic Accuracy™ technology allows for direct length determination while actively shaping,  with auto-reverse function to keep your file on your desired target.

Mini-Contra Angle head with integrated 10-Lumen LED

Superior visibility and access. Locate and enter root canal with confidence. Easy treatment of patients with limited mouth opening3. 360° adjustable position.

Removable/autoclavable handpiece metal sheath

Comply with the latest infection control guidelines. Reduces waste, making handpiece barrier sleeves obsolete.

User-friendly touchscreen interface

Large, easy-to-clean screen. Easy navigation with gloved hand. Up to 30 customizable file sequences with upgradable firmware to accommodate future file systems. Optional Bluetooth foot switch.

Portable and ergonomic design

Battery power to support a full day of work. Portable convenience with the power and functions of a tabletop unit. Drag and drop magnetic holder for enhanced comfort, reduced fatigue.

About X-Smart® Pro+

A streamlined workflow helps you do your best work

The X-Smart® Pro+ endo motor keeps you focused on the procedure, not on the tools.

More Details

Technical Specifications


  • Reciprocating and rotary motions
  • Includes file library with preset programs for WaveOne® Gold, ProTaper Ultimate™, TruNatomy®, RECIPROC® Family, and VDW.ROTATE® endodontic file systems
  • Customizable file sequences, compatible with other endodontic files and instruments
  • Auto-reverse rotation at preset torque limit and at doctor’s desired working length
  • On/Off button on the motor handpiece or optional wireless footswitch
  • Calibration function (CAL) for precise torque setting
  • 7˝ touch screen interface
  • Mini contra-angle with integrated 10-Lumen LED
  • 360° adjustable position
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Autonomous operation through a full day of work4
  • Fully recharged in only 1,5 hours
  • Motor can be run on battery only or can be recharged during treatment
  • Universal charger (voltage 110–240, 50/60 Hz)
  • Torque range: 0.2 N·cm – 7.5 N·cm
  • Speed range: 100 rpm – 3,000 rpm
  • Fully autoclavable handpiece sheath and contra-angle
  • Upgradeable via Wi-Fi

Root Canal Shaping


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  1. Less than 1% variation
  2. Internal data on file. For more information, contact
  3. Compared to contra-angles with larger head height
  4. 10 treatments of 2 canals with 4 files per canal