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Our Provisional Solution aims to deliver overall procedural efficiencies from a properly fabricated provisional to final crown fit. A well-fitting provisional helps minimize the #1 source of inefficiency—excess trimming and adjusting of the final crown. ¹

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Tips & Techniques

75% of provisonal pitfalls can derive from the preliminary impression1
  • Shape your preliminary impression. Carving small lingual and buccal holes in the impression of your soon-to-be prepared tooth will allow for easier removal during its gel phase. Removing remaining interproximal contacts will allow for a more accurate fitting provisional.
  • Select the right material. While alginates and other preliminary materials might say pennies today, they can cost valuable time and money later. Algin-X Ultra materials allows for both an accurate matrix today and in case your patient breaks or loses a provisional in the future. 
  • Select the right tray. It's critical to preliminary impression success. First test the tray to ensure proper clearance and fit. Selecting a dual arch tray allows for patients to come into occlusion, improving the accuracy of your impression and saving you valuable time checking and correcting for occlusion.
Repairs and remakes can cost an office $900 or more a month in lost production1
    • Make good proximal contact with the adjacent tooth structure preventing migration of the adjacent tooth to maintain the space for the final restoration.
    • The look of provisional restorations plays a big role in overall patient satisfaction. Integrity Multi•Cure material is a temporary material with great esthetics.
    • A smooth polish helps keep the surface resistant to plaque. That way you can make sure the gingival health is maintained. Integrity Multi•Cure material finishes smoothly to help ensure future gingival health.
    • Save up to 30% procedure time through the dual-cure capability.
    • Always check the occlusion and occlusal fit to help prevent the remaining tooth structure from supra-erupting.

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