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Ankylos – Overview

Implanting TissueCare

The Ankylos implant system is a dependable and well-designed dental implant system providing you with solutions that deliver long-term stability of hard and soft tissues, lasting esthetics and reliable functionality, which your dental patients will appreciate and Dentsply Sirona Implants as manufacturer backs with a lifetime warranty.

Dentsply Sirona Implants backs its implant systems with a lifetime warranty. Read our warranty terms and conditions.

System highlights

Horizontal offset

The geometry of the Ankylos TissueCare connection moves the transition between implant and abutment to a central position. This integrated horizontal offset design establishes a broad basis for hard and soft tissue stability at the implant shoulder. In combination with the absence of micro-movement and the prevention of bacterial ingrowth, this enables long-term tissue maintenance.

Subcrestal placement

The unique friction-locked and keyed TissueCare connection ensures such a precise fit of the two components that it allows for subcrestal placement of the implant and positive bone response, thus enabling the desired emergence profile, and transgingival healing. Ankylos is therefore able to provide the flexibility of a two-piece system while ensuring hard and soft tissue remain healthy and free of irritation.

Micro-rough implant shoulder

The patented microstructured implant shoulder allows for bone formation up to the abutment. This supports the overlying soft tissue and establishes optimized conditions for long-term tissue stability and health.

Implanting TissueCare

The Ankylos implant system has been scientifically and clinically proven to promote and maintain hard and soft tissue over time. Called the TissueCare Concept, this combination of unique features provides you and your patients with reliable functionality and esthetics.

One-fits-all TissueCare connection

All abutment sizes share one tapered connection simplifying the treatment protocol. A steep connection taper promotes friction lock without micro-movement, providing non-indexed prosthetics while off ering an indexed option.

SoftTissue Chamber

The TissueCare connection and the micro-rough implant shoulder allow for subcrestal placement. In combination with a horizontal offset and the concave abutment design, a chamber for soft tissue and bone is created, supporting tissue stability.

Progressive thread

The thread design transfers the functional load to the apical part of the implant and creates primary stability allowing for immediate loading.

The Friadent plus surface

The grit-blasted and high temperatureetched Friadent plus microstructure excels by rapid bone formation on the implant surface. This results in early osseointegration and high bone-toimplant contact.

The Ankylos implant system is a well-documented system that has been in clinical use for 30 years. Outstanding results on tissue maintenance and long-term clinical results when using the Ankylos implant system are available. Click the links below to explore the documentation on the Ankylos implant system. Here you will find a summary of available clinical data as well as synopsis of published key research findings supporting the Ankylos implant system.


Scientific Summary, Ankylos

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Scientific Highlight Long-term clinical evidence with the Ankylos implant system

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History of innovation

In 2017, the Ankylos implant system celebrated its 30th anniversary. But from the beginning Ankylos was different from all the others: internal tapered connection, horizontal offset, and progressive thread design – revolutionary innovations in 1987.