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Astra Tech Implant System EV – Overview

Simplicity without compromise

The Astra Tech Implant System EV is designed to make everyday work easier, without compromising the clinical outcome.

The design philosophy behind the Astra Tech Implant System EV is based on the natural dentition and uses a site-specific, crown-down approach supported by an intuitive surgical protocol and a simple prosthetic workflow.

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System highlights

The following features of Astra Tech Implant System EV add value and simplicity to your everyday procedures:

Versatile implant designs
Straight, conical, sloped, short, narrow and wide design, using only one surgical tray.

Flexible drilling protocol
A flexible drilling protocol allowing for a preferred primary stability.

Site-specific restorative components
Round and triangular options support your soft tissue sculpturing needs.

Unique interface
The unique interface provides one-position-only placement for Atlantis patient-specific CAD/CAM abutments (see animation).

Self-guiding impression components
This innovative design allows for time-efficient and precise seating of your component (see animation).

Launch movie highlighting the features and benefits of Astra Tech Implant System EV

Simplicity without compromise! Astra Tech Implant System EV is the next step in the continuous evolution of the well-documented Astra Tech Implant System. Click the links below to explore research supporting the Astra Tech Implant System EV. You will find a summary of available clinical data as well as synopsis of published key research findings supporting the Astra Tech Implant System EV.

Download pdf:s to read more:

Scientific Summary, Astra Tech Implant System

Scientific Review, Astra Tech Implant System

Scientific Highlight, First randomized controlled clinical trial evaluating OsseoSpeed EV

Want to learn more?

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Astra Tech Implant System BioManagement Complex

Function, beauty and biology in perfect harmony 

The foundation of the Astra Tech Implant System EV is the well-proven BioManagement Complex. This unique combination of interdependent key features ensures reliable, predictable and esthetic results in the short and long-term.

Astra Tech Implant System BioManagement Complex consists of four independent features:

  • OsseoSpeed
  • MicroThread
  • Conical Seal Design
  • Connective Contour

Marginal bone maintenance 

Backed by the well-documented Astra Tech Implant System BioManagement Complex, Astra Tech Implant System EV provides proven long-term marginal bone maintenance and esthetic results. Literature demonstrates that the Astra Tech Implant System maintains bone better than the current standard norm for success.

Learn more (pdf)

* Astra Tech Implant System level based on data from 62 articles (published in English, peer-reviewed journals) presenting radiological data on study cohorts of no less than 10 patients receiving standard surgical procedures and followed for minimum 1 year after loading. Literature search September 2014.

** Standard norm (less than 1 mm bone loss during the first year of loading and less than 0.2 mm annually thereafter, to level out at approximately -1.5 mm after 5 years of loading) according to: Albrektsson T. et al., Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 1986;1(1):11-25, Albrektsson T. and Zarb GA., Int J Prosthodont 1993;6(2):95-105, Roos J. et al., Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 1997;12(4):504-514.

A continuous evolution

Our groundbreaking innovations are the result of knowledge and understanding of the biological and clinical processes involved in dental implant therapy.

OsseoSpeed Profile EV

A unique implant for sloped ridge situations.