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Astra Tech Implant System – Overview

Astra Tech Implant System is available for all indications and has been clinically documented to positively affect marginal bone maintenance.

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The Astra Tech Implant System is a well-documented system that has been in clinical use for 30 years. Outstanding results on maintained marginal bone levels and long-term clinical results when using Astra Tech Implant System are available. Click the links below to explore the documentation on Astra Tech Implant System. Here you will find a summary of available clinical data as well as synopsis of published key research findings supporting the Astra Tech Implant System.

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Scientific Summary, Astra Tech Implant System

Scientific Review, Astra Tech Implant System

Sustainability and reliability - Astra Tech Implant System brochure

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Easy to choose and easy to use

The Astra Tech Implant System is simple and reliable: a minimum of components with maximum flexibility. You can use it for all indications and all positions in the mouth. It is ideal for both one-stage and two-stage surgery and it is also suitable for immediate and early loading. The restorative options cover cement-, screw- and attachment-retained solutions.

Easy implant installation – simply pick up and install

The color coded Implant Driver makes implant installation quick, easy and efficient.

Minimum of components with maximum flexibility 
one connection, three sizes

To minimize the number of components for simplified treatment planning and inventory management, the Conical Seal Design implant-abutment connection comes in three
sizes – x-small, small and large that are color coded for easy identification. 

Single Patient Drills

Optimal sharpness, easy handling and no cleaning or sterilization. The benefits of Single Patient Drills are available for all drilling protocols.

Implant level impression – color coded components

Yellow, aqua and lilac. It has never been easier to select the right implant pick-ups, transfers, guide pins, and replicas. With the color coding system, each component is marked with the same color as the chosen implant connection.

Astra Tech Implant System BioManagement Complex

Function, beauty and biology in perfect harmony

The unique combination of independent features of the Astra Tech Implant System BioManagement Complex ensures a reliable, predictable and esthetic result both in the short and long term.

OsseoSpeed – more bone more rapidly

A chemically modified titanium surface with a unique nano scale topography that stimulates early bone healing and speeds up the bone healing process.

MicroThread – biomechanical bone stimulation

Minute threads on implant neck that offer optimal load distribution and stress values.

Conical Seal Design – a strong and stable fit

A conical connection that seals off the interior of the implant
from surrounding tissues, minimizing micromovements and microleakage.

Connective Contour – increased soft tissue contact zone and volume

The unique contour that is created when you connect the abutment to the implant.

Marginal bone maintenance with Astra Tech Implant System

The foundation of evolutionary step remains the unique Astra Tech Implant System BioManagement Complex, well-documented for its long-term marginal bone maintenance and esthetic results.

In the literature, it has been concluded that the Astra Tech Implant System maintains the bone even better than the current standard norm for success.