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Xive – Overview

From the narrowest gap to the fully atrophied edentulous jaw, in hard or soft bone, from single-stage to two-stage protocols, from subgingival to transgingival healing, from immediate to delayed loading – with Xive, you decide which treatment concept to select.

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System highlights

Xive is based on surgical and prosthetic site-specific requirements, according to your desired clinical approach for dental implant treatment. In support of this approach, Xive provides:

  • Excellent primary stability – atraumatic and gentle in dense bone, stable and secure in soft bone.
  • An internal hex connection interface with clear and accurate positioning of the abutment with six reversible positioning options.
  • A versatile range of implants including narrow, wide and transgingival options.
  • A sophisticated range of prosthetic treatment concepts supporting temporary, and cement-, screw- and attachment-retained restorations.

The Xive implant system is a well-documented system that has been in clinical use for 15 years. Excellent results on primary stability and immediate loading when using the Xive implant system are available. Click the links below to explore the well documented Xive implant system, where you will find summary of available clinical data as well as synopsis of published key research findings supporting the Xive implant system.


Scientific Summary, Xive

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Scientific Highlight, 10 years of clinical reliability with Xive implants

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Xive is supported by more than 25 years of dental implant industry experience, including pioneering work and groundbreaking developments in the fields of immediate implant loading and implant surface design.

  • ActiveBone Control
    High primary stability in all types of bone can be achieved by the patented combination of bone-specific preparation protocol and bone-condensing thread design.
  • Friadent plus surface
    Grit-blasted and high temperature-etched microstructure accelerates rapid bone formation on the implant surface; this results in early osseointegration and high bone-to-implant contact.
  • Bone care with platform-switch
    Integrated platform switch option supports improved preservation of crestal bone levels with concurrent favorable soft tissue conditions.
  • Easy and versatile prosthetics
    A range of prefabricated and patient-specific abutments provides versatility in prosthetics, both on implant and abutment level, including immediate restorations for any possible indication; internal butt-joint connection with self-guiding properties and color-coded or laser-marked components support error-free workflow.