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Patient Imaging

VistaDent OC

VistaDent is designed as an image database package, which allows you to keep track of all of your patients and their images

VistaDent OC Consultant

Quickly download images

  • Single-click download of images
  • Scan from a Digital x-ray machine or Twain compliant device
  • Crop, color correct and rotate

Customize Image and Record Series names

  • Create custom composites with multiple images
  • Create up to 35 different record series for storing images
  • Save up to 97 different types of images in the same record series
  • View images, x-rays and models at the same time

Standard integration with Microsoft Word

  • Create your own letter templates
  • Insert patient images and x-rays into your letters

Integration with multiple systems:

  • Practice Management: IMS, OrthoChart, Ortho II, New Horizons, Oaysis, Advanced Ortho Systems, OrthoEase and PerfectByte
  • Digital X-Ray: Planmeca, Gendex, Sirona, Orex, GE Medical Systems, Durr and Soredex
  • 3-D Modeling: OrthoPlex, OrthoCAD and eModel

VistaDent OC Complete

All features available in VistaDent OC Consultant are standard features of VistaDent OC Complete.

Virtual Treatment Objective (VTO): Visualize treatment objectives

  • Quickly create Ricketts VTO using simple slider bars
  • Virtual Growth prediction and COCR correction
  • Treatment simulation allows for surgical and orthodontic simulation


  • Superimpose tracings completed from any record series or virtual treatment
  • Superimpose using landmarks or structures
  • Print superimpositions in single or segmented view

Create a custom analysis

  • Compile measurements from any of the 45 standard analyses
  • Easily modified to fit your specification

Integration with multiple systems:

  • Practice Management: IMS, OrthoChart, Ortho II, New Horizons, Oaysis, Advanced Ortho Systems, OrthoEase and PerfectByte
  • Digital X-Ray: Planmeca, Gendex, Sirona, Orex, GE Medical Systems, Durr and Soredex
  • 3-D Modeling: OrthoPlex, OrthoCAD and eModel



OrthoMation is a multimedia tool that will allow your patients to form a meaningful connection between their diagnosis and the complex procedures involved in treatment. OrthoMation is a complete visual library of treatment options that can be organized to communicate your message. 

Cloud-based OrthoMation Online

OrthoMation Online is a fairly simple web based application. Being a browser-based application, it is independent of the operating system of the computer; that means it can run on mobile platforms as well. The overall user experience has been streamlined and sharing treatment simulations has been made super easy. OrthoMation Online is your "one-stop shop" for all contents. This includes standard content, as well as premium content. The premium content “Clinical Visions” and “What to Expect and How to Care for Your Braces” videos can now be found inside OrthoMation Online, without having to pay additional licensing fees.  

Hundreds of high-resolution images and DVD quality movies

  • Convey message visually for better understanding
  • Reinforce Treatment goals
  • Short, customizable Introduction video to welcome new patients

Create custom treatment plans for your patients

  • Use Recordable Treatment Plan and create as you have your Consult
  • Create patient-specific or treatment-specific plans
  • Print or send home the Treatment plans on CD

Customize to meet the needs of your practice

  • Put doctor and staff images into the Introduction
  • Record your own audio and change text
  • Change colors/fonts to match office color theme

Flexible to accommodate your need

  • Networkable in one office at no additional charge
  • Positive impact on referral base

Clinical Visions

Clinical Visions is an add-on that existing users can use to compliment the extensive library of OrthoMation images and movies. Over 60 movies are included that highlight the principles of esthetic treatment planning. Clinical Visions was developed in conjunction with Dr. David Sarver.

What to Expect & How to Care for Your Braces™

This software provides you a way to increase the efficiency and consistency of educating your orthodontic patients. This 13-minute program ensures your patients will be well educated about what is expected of them during treatment. It covers all of the important elements necessary to care for braces, such as Brushing, Flossing, Discomfort, Harmful Habits, Diet Control, Minor Emergencies, and more.

This program is available in many different mediums to allow for presentation to your patient in the most effective way possible. These include:

  • CD to install onto computers within the office
  • Personalized DVD you can run from a DVD player in your office
  • Customized CD-Packs in quantities of 50, 100 or 250. These include a personalized CD label and customized Introduction and Ending movies with 7 images provided by you. These are great to send home with patients to view on their computer at home.

Industry Partners

The TechnoCenter offers the ability for orthodontic software providers to integrate with our programs. Several companies in the orthodontic industry have taken advantage of this opportunity. This includes companies specializing in practice management, digital x-ray systems, 3D modeling, and Internet providers.

IMS Specialty Services

IMS Digital Office practice management software has been available since 1988 and has become widely known as the "best value" in orthodontic practice management software.


ViewPoint is a perfect fit for any orthodontic office - from one workstation to one hundred - in single or networked offices. ViewPoint provides you with a worry-free practice management system with training and support you can count on.


At OrthoChart we believe that software can be both powerful and affordable...that's why we've designed OrthoChart to take advantage of the power of Windows 95/98/2000/XP, but kept it the most affordable multi-user system in orthodontics today.

New Horizons

Comprehensive practice management software designed exclusively for orthodontic professionals. The OrthoExec practice management solution was programmed in a logical, easy to use format that adapts to how the user runs their practice.

Advanced Ortho Systems

Program Director is our comprehensive orthodontic management system, offering a paperless solution for the orthodontic office.


Orthoease is a fully comprehensive Practice Management Program that  works with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Its exceptional  value, intuitive design and world-class support make Orthoease an ideal solution for any orthodontic practice.


PerfectByte offers users Comprehensive/User Friendly Practice Management Software at an affordable price. Includes Billing, Scheduling, Customizable Documents & Payment Plan Contracts, Insurance Continuation of Treatment Billing, Recall Module, & more. Download a FREE fully functional trial with a 25 patient limit.

Inn-Soft Office Manager - Orthodontic Practice Management Software

With 26 years of experience making orthodontic software, Innovative Software offers a complete orthodontic practice management software system. Inn-Soft Office Manager presents a highly automated, highly innovative office solution for your orthodontic practice. Inn-Soft Office Manager offers a variety of modular components including: financials, scheduling, charting, automated correspondence and more!

Digital X-ray

VistaDent launches the x-ray software and then the scanned x-ray is transferred back into VistaDent.


The new software SIDEXIS XG (neXt Generation) starts a new era of digital image processing and management in the dental office.


GENDEX designed the DenOptix Digital Imaging System to meet the specific needs of the dental profession. It generates pictures that are diagnostically equivalent to film-based images -without the hassles of film.Inn-Soft Office Manager - Orthodontic Practice Management Software


In the PLANMECA Romexis software taking an exposure is almost the same as with conventional film based systems, except that archiving is fully automatic and no film processing is needed.

Instrumentarium Imaging

The digital versions of the panoramic and cephalometric systems are capable of producing image quality that surpasses most competitive film panoramic and cephalometric systems.

Air Techniques

ScanX is a very sophisticated Digital Imaging System that reads the latent X-ray image on a Phosphor Storage Plate (PSP) and sends that image to your computer. ScanX is the best value combination of speed, resolution, ease of use, workload reduction and user peace of mind. Optimized imaging is fit-like-a-glove performance; the kind only available with ScanX.

3D Modeling

VistaDent launches the software into the patient's file so that the model images are readily accessible.


The only program that enables orthodontists to create a 3D digital model – and custom lab appliance – from a single impression, OrthoPlex can help speed diagnosis and treatment, boost office productivity and profitability. Keep your patients happy . . . and your practice growing.


OrthoCAD is a leading provider of 3D information services designed to help orthodontists boost productivity and improve treatment outcomes. Services include: Bracket Placement, Indirect Bonding, Virtual Set-up and Digital Models


emodel™ 3-dimensional digital model service helps to eliminate the need for traditional plaster models in orthodontic practice. emodels™ are created through a proprietary, non-destructive, laser scanning process that digitally maps plaster models into precise, high resolution, 3-dimensional electronic records available anytime, anywhere via the internet

T-Link by TeleVox

Provides secure, web-based access to the information patients request most: appointment dates and times, account balances, on-line payment options, treatment plans and more.


PBHS has integrated Collaborator™, an online system designed to facilitate referral communications between dental specialists and general practitioners, with VistaDent. In addition, PBHS and GAC have internet enabled OrthoMation™, a leading orthodontic patient education system.

Sesame Communications

Patients can now access their personalized treatment plans over the internet through Ortho Sesame™

The TechnoCenter does not sell cameras directly. We recommend PhotoMed as a resource for recommendations/purchases of cameras for the clinical environment.

Inquiries to PhotoMedl. Please call 800-998-7765


On-line help

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Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems are the programs compatible with?

  • VistaDent OC Consultant – XP Professional, Vista and 7
  • VistaDent OC Complete - XP Professional, Vista and 7
  • VistaDent 3D - XP Professional and 7 (32-bit)
  • OrthoMation - XP Professional, Vista and 7
  • Practice Pulse - XP Professional
  • Patient Care Video - XP Professional and 7
  • OrthoPlex - XP Professional and 7 (32-bit)

Is the software compatible with a Mac?

Currently, none of the Software are native OS X programs.  The programs can be run on Apple hardware in two different scenarios, BootCamp and Windows emulators, but both require a licensed copy of Windows. If a problem using the software is encountered when utilizing a Windows emulator then support can be obtained as long as the issue can be re-created in a native Windows environment.  If the problem cannot be re-created on a Windows native computer the issue is typically due to configuration problems with the emulator that we cannot troubleshoot.  If using BootCamp the software will operate in a native Windows environment.  More information can be found here:

Do I need an Internet connection for support?

Yes.  You will need a broadband connection (cable, DSL, T1) so that support resources can be used efficiently.  There are instances that an issue cannot be resolved without internet access.

What is the cost of the software?

For current pricing please call the TechnoCenter at 888-422-2376 or e-mail us at

What is the discount for UOBG members?

Discount pricing is available for UOBG members on some programs. For current pricing please call the TechnoCenter at 888-422-2376 or e-mail us at

What is the New Grad discount for software and who qualifies?

Discount pricing is available for new graduates on some programs. For current pricing please call the TechnoCenter at 888-422-2376 or e-mail us at