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Why choose Enhance®?

Coarse when you need it, fine when you want it

Enhance® is controlled by pressure applied and can complete bulk removal and finishing using a single component.

Available in multiple shapes and sizes

Choose from cups, points and discs, as well as the regular and mini sizes. Find the right size and shape for the tooth shape and location.

Single-use system

No time-consuming re-processing, more hygienic, saves time and effort.

"The best composite finishing system I have used to date! Great for contouring and polishing to a high gloss."

R. Rosswog, DMD - Pittsburgh, PA

"The Enhance® finishing system provides predictable composite finishing with efficiency and ease."

C. Blake, DDS - Washington , DC

"This system is fast, efficient and provides a great smooth surface and luster for our patient's restorations."

P. Arciniega, DDS, owner El Segundo Dental Arts, Inc - El Segundo, CA


The Enhance® dental finishing system is designed for preparing composite surfaces for their final polish. The system accomplishes the entire process of excess removal, contouring, and finishing simply by varying the pressure. It delivers a smooth, contoured surface with a natural looking finish.

Enhance® is a single use, aluminum oxide impregnated resin finisher. The aggressiveness of Enhance® is controlled by the pressure applied to the composite surface.

The greater the pressure, the more material is removed, lighter pressure leaves a smooth, contoured surface with a natural looking finish.

There are several benefits of using the Enhance® dental finishing system, including:

  • It accomplishes the entire process of excess removal, contouring and finishing in a single step.
  • Finish in one step! Without the hassle of changing instruments during finishing, Enhance® is much easier and more convenient to work with.
  • The aggressiveness of Enhance® is controlled by the pressure applied to the composite surface.
  • It delivers a smooth, contoured surface with a natural looking finish.

Proper finishing and polishing is important for several reasons, such as:

  • It ensures the oral health and longevity of restorations. A smooth surface reduces the likelihood of adhesion, which means plaque is less likely to accumulate on a polished surface. This leads to healthier, long-lasting restorations.
  • A smooth tooth surface minimizes gingival irritation and surface discoloration. A polished tooth is more biologically compatible with the gingival tissue, so the health of the gingival tissue is maintained.
  • Proper contouring, finishing, and polishing will heighten the marginal integrity of the restoration.  
  • Clinicians can protentially increase the longevity of their Class II restorations with proper finishing technique.
  • Finishing and polishing enhances patient comfort and satisfaction, and patients greatly appreciate the natural beauty and health benefits realized from a properly polished restoration.

A smooth composite surface is more plaque and stain resistant, and is a necessary step to achieving composite longevity and patient satisfaction. Surface roughness testing proves that the composite surface is smoother when Enhance® Finishers are used after gross contouring with a bur. And it achieves both intermediate and final finishing in a single step - the pressure applied controls the aggressiveness: more pressure for an aggressive initial finish; less pressure to smooth the surface. As pressure is applied, abrasive particles disengage from the Enhance® cup, disc, or point to effectively buff the surface of the restoration. The result is a smooth, contoured surface in less steps.

The Enhance® dental finishing system can benefit every dentist working with composites or compomers. It is designed for preparing composite surfaces for their final polish. For optimal surface polish, follow the use of Enhance® Finishers with Enhance® PoGo® Polishers.

Enhance® has passed all needed biological testing and has been found safe for use in accordance with its Instructions for Use. As is the case with any medical product, certain risks may exist; see the product IFUs and literature for more details.

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