The inLab CAD Software Modules

Three optional software modules in addition to the basic module offer a wide range of indications and functionalities.

Why use inLab CAD Software?

Modular and individual

With design modules for basic indications as well as for implant and removable prostheses, and interface module as add-ons.

Open and economical

The standalone CAD components are open to allow flexible STL integration. Profit from the versatile usability of the software modules and the vast range of indications.

Intuitive and familiar

The intuitive user interface guides you quickly to the design steps you need. The virtual articulator and the jaw-oriented biogeneric setting assist you in creating your individual prosthesis design.

NEW - inLab Software 22: Widens production range. Integrates CEREC Primemill.

The inLab SW 22 CAD and CAM applications offer a harmonized new user interface at a design and manufacturing level, additional design options and extended connectivity to CEREC Primemill. The software optimizes gingiva designs and integrates the new Digital Genios and Digital Portrait tooth libraries for the design of full and for – NEW- full-over-natural dentures. The design and manufacturing workflow for CEREC Guide 3 surgical guide has been integrated and the implant supported restoration design for DS PrimeTaper Implant System is supported.

J.O.B.S. Jaw Orientated Biogeneric Settings

This unique jaw-orientated biogeneric procedure reconstructs teeth true to nature. The inLab CAD Software includes the positioning and morphology of the existing teeth in its analysis and uses this data to generate patient-specific fully anatomical first proposals – both for individual teeth in the anterior and posterior regions as well as for large bridges and multiple unit restorations. That eliminates the need to perform time-consuming design rework.

1:1 copy mode

With the 1:1 copy mode, all geometric dimensions of a restoration can be faithfully copied and transferred to the final restoration. That saves an enormous amount of work time. The feature is particularly well-suited for large bridge and implant cases with a gingival component, in which existing long-term temporary solutions are to be precisely converted to final restorations.

Data transfer

Convenient transfer of digital impressions from Dentsply Sirona intraoral cameras including all order information as well as image and additional data from the practice to the laboratory within seconds.

Further features
  • Tooth databases
  • Virtual insertion for designing several restoration layers in complex cases
  • Virtual articulator for visualization of the complete paths of movement to determine the static and dynamic contact surfaces for correct functional occlusion
  • Smile design to simulate the harmonious effect of the design proposal and balancing the smile lines using a 3D patient image
  • Gingiva element for producing restorations with a gingival component
  • inLab Check to review design data for stress sensitivity

Surgical Guide for Integrated Implantology

With inLab CAD Software, individual surgical guides can be quickly designed and produced in the lab at low cost. The surgical guide created with CAD/CAM is the ideal planning basis for surgical implementation as part of the integrated implant planning with 3D X-ray systems from Dentsply Sirona.

Partial Framework

Individual impression tray


For diversity in dental design and production

The optional Interface module of the inLab CAD Software with a single license for all available inLab interfaces offers a flexible connection of the inLab CAD Software to virtually all existing CAD/CAM systems.


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