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Gutta-Percha points are indispensable in the field of endodontics, setting the benchmark for filling materials. The substance helps clinicians achieve a complete and fluid-tight seal of the root canal system for predictable canal obturations and successful long-term treatment outcomes.

Dentsply Sirona supplies high-quality gutta-percha points engineered with the right balance of components for optimal thermal behavior and viscoelastic properties. The precisely crafted cones are created to ISO standards to deliver consistency in size, taper, and tip.

To obtain the highest endodontic success rate and clinical efficiency, you need a consistent cone fit. Finding the right tug back with hand-rolled gutta-percha points can be a challenge.

Traditional gutta-percha may seem to fit but can actually be loose at the apex. From a feather tip for custom sizing to tapered tip for snug apical fit, Dentsply Sirona offers gutta-percha points that help achieve an accurate tug back that you can feel.

Clinicians can confidently select gutta-percha points engineered to match the geometry of a preferred Dentsply Sirona NiTi rotary file system. From lateral compaction, warm vertical compaction, and carrier-based obturation, Dentsply Sirona has the trusted brands to complement your obturation technique.

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