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Dentsply Sirona South Africa
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X-Smart IQ

X-Smart IQ is a continuous and reciprocating cordless motor controlled by an Apple™ iOS™ application.

Touch the future today

X-Smart IQ is a continuous and reciprocating cordless motor controlled by an Apple® iOS® application. In one cordless handpiece, you get a full-treatment solution that supports you through every step of your endodontic process - from patient education to treatment data. Through a custom iOS app, a digital ecosystem is created that allows synchronization of future products and immediate updates. Move freely and easily between operatories utilizing the easily portable, ergonomically-designed cordless handpiece.

X-Smart IQ


Slim, well-balanced and cordless, the X-Smart IQ handpiece sets the new standard in ergonomics and user experience

Full-treatment solution

Supports you through every step of your endodontic process - from patient education to treatment data

Digital ecosystem

The custom iOS app allows for synchronization of future products and immediate updates

Maximum torque control

Easily adjust and monitor torque settings in the iOS app.

Portability & freedom of movement

Slim, well-balanced and cordless, the X-Smart IQ handpiece sets the new standard in ergonomics and user experience.

  • Miniature contra-angle head allows easy access and excellent visibility
  • 360o adjustable contra-angle
  • The finger activated motor offers the same torque and power as a tabletop motor for the pre-set files
  • Continuous and reciprocating motion
  • Easy Bluetooth® pairing
  • Battery autonomy for 16 treatments* and rechargeable during treatment
  • Visual indications of handpiece status

*A treatment is defined as 2 canals with 4 files per canal used for 30 seconds each.

Intuitive interface of an iOS App

The touch interface makes selecting your file sequence and controlling torque effortless.

  • Instant torque level indication includes visual and audible sound
  • Auto-reverse function available in continuous and reciprocating motion
  • Calibration function (CAL) for more precise torque settings
  • Graph showing real-time torque applied to each file over time
  • RTTM™ Technology (Real-Time Torque Monitoring)

Redefining the Endo experience - at every step of your procedure

Pretreatment - Engage & educate patients

If your patients have questions, help address and ease their concerns by using the interactive app to educate them about the procedure.

Treatment - Flow through your file sequence with peace of mind

Select a pre-set Dentsply Sirona file sequence for ease and simplicity or create your own and save your customized settings for future use.

Post treatment - Treatment data capture and transfer

Capture treatment notes, including: tooth number, working length, last file used, obturation, and notes for a specific patient. Transfer your treatment report to your patient file.

Future capabilities

X-Smart IQ is designed to grow with your practice.

  • Stay up-to-date with new features
  • Easily connect with future products
  • Create customizable treatment plans based on your technique

Instructional videos

To help you get started with X-Smart IQ, view this set of instructional videos. This 4-part video series guides you through the elements of X-Smart IQ.

Motor & contra angle:

  • Bluetooth memory function.  If the Bluetooth connection is lost, the X-Smart IQ motor can still function under the last motor settings used.
  • Stand-alone function.  Using the X-Smart IQ application, the motor can be set to run solely with reciprocating or continuous settings without the iPad mini to control it.
  • Reciprocating and rotary motions
  • Calibration function (CAL) for more precise torque setting
  • Sensitive touch START/STOP button
  • Auto-reverse rotation at preset torque limit (in both motions)
  • Lithium-ion battery:
    • Autonomy for 16 treatments*
    • Full charge in 6 hours
    • Automatic sleep mode and auto-power off
    • Motor handpiece is rechargeable during treatment
  • Torque range: 0.5Ncm - 5Ncm (depending on maximum speed)
  • Speed range: 250rpm - 850rpm
  • Contra Angle autoclavable at 134 degrees C 
  • Universal charger 9 voltage 100-240, 50Htz/60Htz)

*A treatment is defined as 2 canals with 4 files per canal used for 30 seconds each.

X-Smart IQ application:

  • Includes file library with preset programs for WaveOne Gold, ProTaper Gold, ProTaper Universal, ProTaper Universal Retreatment, ProTaper Next, and others
  • Customizable file library and compatible with other shaping systems
  • Can control 2 handpieces for 4-hand technique
  • Possibility to set up multiple users
  • Compatible with iOS 9+

iPad mini™ Protective Case:

  • Dimensions:
    • Landscape 209 x 140 x 86 mm
    • Portrait 144 x 125 x 196 mm
  • Optimal results with nitrile gloves (non-latex preferred)
  • Compatible with iPad mini 1,2,3 and 4
  • Water-resistant (IP 30)

General questions about X-Smart IQ

What is the maximum speed? Max Torque?

Maximum speed is 850 rpm and maximum torque is 5 Ncm.

What is the default speed and torque the handpiece gets shipped out as?

The syncing of the handpiece and the app is required during initial set up. At that time, you can choose to set the motor in stand-alone mode and select a speed and torque from the menu.

What if I don’t have access to the app? Does the motor still work?

The motor handpiece can be used without the iPad mini™ and the application. This mode is called Stand-alone. However, the motor handpiece must be initially activated with the application to be used in Stand-alone mode. In Stand-alone mode, a torque and speed must be selected.

What if I lose Bluetooth® connection?

If Bluetooth connection is lost, the motor can still function under the last motor setting used.

How do I turn off the motor?

The handpiece cannot be turned off as there is no off button. The motor auto-powers off for energy savings. In light sleep mode (35 seconds of inactivity), the handpiece awakens when picked up. In deep sleep mode (30 minutes of inactivity), all LEDs are off. You must press the multifunction button to awaken the handpiece.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts without charging it for 16 treatments (a treatment is defined as 2 canals with 4 files per canal used for 30 seconds each). The battery can be recharged during treatment. The battery must be fully charged prior to first use. Charging time is a maximum of 6 hours.

When does the battery need to be charged?

• Charge the battery no more than once a day.

• Always fully charge the battery, i.e. until the battery turns green.

• If the battery on the motor handpiece lights up red, charge the battery. You can continue treatment while it is charging.

• Charge the battery as soon as the battery turns red, at the latest when the battery starts blinking red. Do not begin treatment if battery indicator is blinking red.

Continuous operation with the charger connected shortens the lifetime of the battery. Dentsply Sirona Endodontics recommends working without the charging cable connected.

During Real-Time Torque monitoring (RTTM), does the torque change as the colors change?

The torque doesn’t automatically change unless the auto-reverse is triggered which reverses the movement of the file. The torque limits are different for different files. The red color band on the RTTM indicates that you are close to maximum torque.

Is it recommended to calibrate before every root canal treatment?

Yes, prior to every treatment.

What are the instructions for cleaning the motor and handpiece?

Please refer to the DFU.

The plastic looks ugly after a few days of surface disinfection.

Please make sure the doctor uses the right cleaning and disinfection procedure as recommended in the DFU.

Can I sterilize the protective case?

No, but you can clean it with your current disinfectant like you currently do with your motor.

Questions related to the Endo IQ App

Why are the application and protective case only compatible with an iPad mini™?

The iPad mini is the optimal screen size given the tight space. As Apple iOS® is a closed system, it is more appropriate than Android systems for a medical device.

Can the app be downloaded from an iPad, iPhone, or any other apple device?

The app is only validated for iPad mini 1, 2, 3, and 4. We couldn’t stop doctors from using a full sized iPad, but the app won’t appear correctly (fonts, sizes, etc.). The app would not work on an iPhone at all. By not using an iPad mini, doctors couldn’t use the protective case.

Are there plans to offer the App for other devices?

Not at the moment. As Apple iOS® is a closed system it is more appropriate than Android systems for a medical device.

Are there plans to make the App work on the iPhone?

Not at the moment. An iPhone 6 or 7 is much more expensive than an iPad mini™ and most doctors don’t want to use their personal devices as their work equipment.

Will protective cases for regular iPads be available in the future?

Not at the moment. We talked to many doctors during the development of X-Smart IQ and all of them agreed that the iPad mini is the optimal screen size given the limited space available in an operatory.

Why should I buy an iPad mini just for a motor?

It is an investment. There are future product integrations in the works. Also, with the Endo IQ app, there are new hardware and new app functionalities to come.

How many users can be set up within the Endo IQ App?

There is no limit.

Which data is saved? And what data is included in the treatment report pdf?

• User information

• Patient identification

• Treatments with file used and RTTM

• Custom file

• Custom file sequences

• Last 10 min of RTTM for each file

How does the software function in concern to data safety?

There are some recommendations in the DFU: “User must take appropriate measures to protect any data associated with a patient such as activating the device master password, the encryption of the parameters for backup on iTunes® and avoiding using the iPad mini outside the medical environment.” In addition, only the patient ID is indicated in the Treatment Report pdf.

Any possibility to save the data externally i.e. USB Stick etc.?


Can the data be transferred to a Patient Management system?

You can email out the treatment report as a pdf. This pdf document can then be uploaded to any Patient Management software.

Are we liable for the iPad mini™ if it breaks in the X-Smart IQ protective case?

The protective case is there for disinfection control and not to protect the iPad mini from drops. The doctor buys their own iPad mini so if they are worried about this, they should purchase Apple Care.

Do the magnets in the iPad mini protective case affect the iPad mini?

No issues have been reported from the field in the global markets.



English User Manual


German User Manual


Endo IQ App User Manual - English


Endo IQ App User Manual - German


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