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Dentsply Sirona South Africa
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Appearance. Strength. Durability.

There are plenty of reasons to insist on authentic Essix® Plastics. But is there a better reason than because the material you use is an integral part of your treatment plan?

Dentsply Sirona is a highly-respected name in dental plastics and polymer technology. When it comes to meeting the needs of clinician and patient alike, Essix® Plastics give you the quality you demand and the versatility you need.

Dentsply Sirona also offers a complementary assortment of Dreve plastics, affording you even more flexibility to meet patient needs.


Chart indicates primary use. Plastics are not made with natural rubber latex or BPA.
Dreve, Drufosoft, Kombiplast and Biolon are not trademarks of Dentsply Sirona.

Essix® PLUS™ Plastic

Primary use: Retainers & Bruxism Appliances

Engineered for performance, Essix® PLUS™ Plastic combines the clarity your patients expect with the durability you can stand behind. Essix® PLUS™ Plastic is effortlessly removed from models and trims with ease. Technicians and staff members will love the improved handling! When it comes to meeting the needs of practice and patients alike, Essix® PLUS™ Plastic is the clear choice in retention.

  • Also use for aligners and temporary bridges
  • Easy to form and trim, excellent wear and impact resistance
  • Accepts acrylics/bonding agents
  • Clear material has protective film on both sides

Essix ACE® Plastic

Primary use: Aligners & Retainers

Retention after orthodontic treatment is vital to maintaining a patient’s new smile. Clear retainers made from Essix ACE® Plastic are an esthetically pleasing option for patients who want to avoid wearing a retainer with a visible wire.

  • Also use for temporary anterior bridges
  • Clear material has protective film on both sides
  • Average life: 18-24 months

Essix A+® Plastic

Primary use: Bite Planes

Bite planes may be used to treat patients with a deep bite. Removable bite plan appliances can easily be fabricated in-office with Essix A+® Plastic.

  • Also use for splints, nightguards (.080” and .120” thicknesses) and snoring appliances
  • .020”, .030”, and .040” thicknesses are not recommended for bruxers
  • Accepts acrylics/bonding agents
  • Clear material has blue protective film on both sides

Essix C+® Plastic

Primary use: Aligners & Retainers for Bruxers

When making retainers and aligners for bruxers, a more flexible plastic provides additional strength to help withstand mastication pressure. Clear retainers made from Essix C+® Plastic are an esthetically pleasing option for bruxers who want to avoid wearing a retainer with a visible wire.

  • Also use for bite planes
  • Not for use with acrylics/bonding agents
  • Contact clarity
  • Average life: 24 months

Essix® Bleach Tray & Model Duplication Material

Primary use: Model Duplication

Our best plastic for duplicating models and transferring cases.

  • For bleach trays, use .040” (1mm) or .060” (1.5mm) thicknesses
  • For model duplication and transfer cases, use any thickness

Essix® Tray Rite® Plastic

Primary use: Whitening Trays

Do you have patients who need to whiten their teeth for an upcoming wedding, or to remove stains? Fabricate a custom-fitted whitening tray right in your office with Essix Tray Rite® Plastic.

  • Clings to the tooth surface
  • Doesn’t stretch like EVA material – helps prevent bleaching material from leaking into mouth
  • No reservoirs needed when fabricated on a vacuum machine

Essix® Dual Laminate

Primary use: TMJ Splints

Essix® Dual Laminate has a hard top surface that withstands mastication pressure while a soft bottom surface provides patient comfort.

  • Also used for nightguards, clenchers, and grinders
  • Dual-sided construction
  • Accepts bonding agents
  • Not recommended for use in a Drufomat

Nightguard Laminate

Primary use: Bruxism Appliances

Use Essix® Nightguard Laminate to fabricate nightguards and bruxism appliances in-office. The single-sided soft material prevents contact with opposing teeth, relieving some of the pressure of grinding and clenching.

  • Also use for orthodontic repositioners and periodontal splints
  • Single-sided construction
  • Soft surface has excellent shape memory and abrasion resistance

Essix® Laminated Sports Mouthguard Material

Primary use: Mouthguards for Contact Sports

  • Two laminated layers of protection
  • An 1/8” plastic insert helps protect the incisal edges of teeth

Essix® Sports Mouthguard Material

Primary use: Mouthguards for Low-Contact Sports

Use to create custom sports mouthguards for children and young adults participating in low-contact sports.

  • Variety of colors – coordinate with team colors!

Biolon Plastic

Primary use: Nightguards

Clear, hard material is used to fabricate nightguards in-office.

  • Also use for splints, bite planes and Hawleys
  • Accepts acrylics/bonding agents
  • Protective film on one side
  • Only for use in a Drufomat Scan or Drufosmart Machine.

Kombiplast Plastic

Primary use: Splints for Bruxers & Grinders

The hard side provides strength for patients who clench or grind their teeth, while the soft side provides patient comfort.

  • Dual-sided construction
  • Hard side bonds with acrylic
  • Soft side has protective film
  • Only for use in a Drufomat Scan or Drufosmart Machine.

Drufosoft® Pro Plastic

Primary use: Bruxism Appliances

This hard, flexible clear material provides strength for patients who clench or grind their teeth.

  • Also use for sports mouthguards
  • Single-sided construction
  • Only for use in a Drufomat Scan or Drufosmart Machine.

Drufosoft® Sports Mouthguard Material

Primary use: Mouthguards for Contact Sports

Custom sports mouthguards can help protect your patients' teeth while playing contact sports.

  • Clear material up to .080" thickness may also be used for bleach trays
  • Use colored material alone or as a base layer
  • Use clear material alone or laminated over colored material for added protection
  • Add stickers or decals between colored and clear layers, or make totally customized guards with Funky Tool
  • Only for use in a Drufomat Scan or Drufosmart Machine.

Dreve, Drufomat, Drufosmart, Biolon, Drufosoft and Kombiplast are not trademarks of Dentsply Sirona.