Level 7: Advanced Bone Grafting

This mastery-level course discusses both the prevention and management of surgical and restorative complications. Within the surgical realm, the presentation focuses on early implant failure and later peri-implant disease. Prosthetic concepts will involve preventative prosthesis design, screw/abutment removal, and sequencing that acknowledges the importance of patient experience.


Key Benefits

  • Identify key considerations for various bone augmentation procedures
  • Discuss key aspects of bone grafting with immediate implant placement
  • Review new techniques and materials for improving soft and hard tissue quality


The implant curriculum is an interactive, procedure-based series of courses that use individual cases to teach current implant treatment. This approach is in contrast to conventional dental education that focuses more on didactic topics and theory. The purpose of using this educational approach is to highlight the patients and procedures found in everyday clinical practice, where the most important concepts are observed and discussed in multiple clinical scenarios.

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