Make a difference by helping improve oral health worldwide.

Our products make a difference to the lives of millions of dental patients every day. However, as advanced as dentistry is today, we are dedicated to making it even better. We work hard to improve oral health worldwide, for the benefit of dental patients, and the professionals who serve them.

Proof of our impact on dental care, and the oral health of people worldwide, include:

  • We educate over 350,000 dental professionals  in over 80 countries to provide better, safer, faster care, every year
  • Each day approximately 600,000 dental professionals use one of our products
  • Our products are used to provide dental care to over 6 million patients every day
  • Each year, over 1 billion patients are treated using one of our products
  • The Dentsply Sirona Foundation for global oral health improvement (est. in 1950's)

“What I value the most in my work is knowing that people out there need what we supply, what we make, and it is going to put a smile on somebody's face. It is going to make somebody happy, somewhere in the world.”

Vanglyn Dorm

Production Associate/Trainer

“I have seen elderly patients, who were unable to eat properly due to the conditions of their teeth, go through implant surgery and come out with a new lease on life. And we have seen tears in those patients’ eyes. If that doesn´t impact you than I will be surprised to what does. ”

Victor Onwudiwe

Senior Regional Sales Manager 

“It is really exciting to know that the company I work for is helping to improve the oral health of people around the world.”

Chun Gan Lee

General Manager Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia