A Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of Dentsply Sirona there is a vigorous commitment to innovation and clinical education.  We employ more than 600 engineers and scientists, continuously fund more than 50 clinical studies on an ongoing basis and launch more than 30 significant new products each year. Over the past six years, we have invested more than $600 million in research and development and will continue investing in our industry-leading platform to launch new products and solutions. We train more than 300,000 clinicians each year in the largest clinical education platform in the industry, focusing on fostering learning environments that promote clinical success and clinician professional development. By aligning our R&D efforts and education platform we will build on our history of introducing innovations that advance patient care around the globe. At Dentsply Sirona, driving better, safer and faster dentistry is at the core of our mission.

Dentsply Sirona was formed in 2016, when DENTSPLY International Inc. and Sirona Dental Systems Inc., two leaders in dental innovation merged together to create the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies.  From our humble beginnings more than a century ago to today’s position at the forefront of the digitization of dentistry, Dentsply Sirona has set a global standard for dental consumables, specialty products, digital treatment and clinical education.

A History of Landmark Innovations

Sirona traces its roots to 1877, when a German engineer built the first electric-powered dental drill, while The Dentists’ Supply Company was created in 1899 with $10,000 in capital in a small New York City office. From that point forward, Dentsply Sirona and our predecessor companies developed product after product, solution after solution, and transformed dentistry time and again. Our significant contributions to the industry include introducing the world’s first commercial X-ray unit in 1895, the first prosthodontist-led professional department in 1906, the Trubyte denture tooth line in 1931, a collaboration with the American Dental Association to establish the innovative student clinician research program in 1959, the launch of CEREC – the first chairside dental CAD/CAM system in 1987 - and the first digital panorama X-ray system in 1995. Dentsply Sirona has earned its reputation as the innovation leader in professional dentistry.

A Commitment To Investing in Research & Development

To continue building on our storied history, Dentsply Sirona consistently invests in research and development for solutions that deliver clinical efficacy and efficiency and support patient preferences. Our product development is driven by the creativity of our scientists, engineers, and research and clinical collaborators across the globe. From idea generation through product launch, global cross-functional project teams work collaboratively to identify unmet needs and address them with innovative clinically relevant product solutions. Our world-class Innovation Centers across the globe support our commitment to develop new products and enhance existing solutions. Dentsply Sirona manufactures on a global scale with a product platform comprised of established brand names and an extensive patent portfolio that is unparalleled in the global professional dental marketplace.

A Culture of Innovation and Education

Innovation and a commitment to clinical education are ingrained in Dentsply Sirona’s philosophy and culture. Lifelong learning is a core value for dental professionals worldwide and Dentsply Sirona embraces education not only in word, but also in action. Through our clinical education program, the largest in the industry, we foster learning environments that promote clinical success and the professional development of clinicians and customers, training more than 300,000 dental professionals annually and hosting more than 10,000 clinical programs each year. Furthermore, we provide our employees across the world with a wide range of professional development courses to strengthen our global market position and ensure Dentsply Sirona’s innovation leadership now and into the future.

Over the last five years, Dentsply Sirona has delivered on our commitment to innovation through the development and enhancement of several transformative products and solutions. Our new ORTHOPHOS SL X-ray provides innovative imaging technology for the greatest possible contrast with the lowest possible dose, and recent enhancements we’ve made to our market-leading CEREC system provides dental professionals with maximum flexibility. With our AstraTech EV surgical implants, indexed implants have a unique macro structure and surface properties that give increased confidence and satisfaction to all members of the treatment team. Dentsply Sirona’s world-first SIROLaser Blue, developed in response to dentists’ needs for bloodless surgery, also helps to reduce patient discomfort. Furthering our commitment to digital integration, our TENEO treatment center provides an optimized and ergonomic workflow, while our enhanced Cavitron Touch preventive solution offers unprecedented comfort and control throughout every hygiene procedure.

To facilitate root canal procedures, Dentsply Sirona’s WaveOne Endo motor and instrument incorporates a unique reciprocating motion and “mirrored” file design which enables clinicians to complete preparation with only one reciprocating file in the vast majority of clinical cases, resulting in significant time saving. Finally, our SureFil® SDR is the first posterior bulk fill flowable base that allows clinicians to place posterior composites in up to 30% less time. The new stress decreasing resin (SDR™) system allows for bulk placements up to 4mm with a 20 second cure time. These are just a few of Dentsply Sirona’s recent product innovations that are already setting new standards in dental treatment by driving better, safer and faster dentistry.

Innovation Awards

Throughout the years, Dentsply and Sirona both have been recognized for innovation, product design and marketing. In addition to the international Red Dot Awards received for CEREC Omnicam and the SINIUS treatment centers, Dentsply and Sirona received numerous highly respected industry peer awards for clinically relevant, high quality products. Most recently, Dentsply and Sirona have received:

  • “Factory of the Future Award” for Implants
  • iF Design Award and Red Dot Award for inLab MC X5
  • Red Dot Award for ORTHOPHOS SL
  • Townie Choice Awards for Cavitron, Midwest RDH, Nupro Paste and Revolv DPAs, ProTaper endo files, CEREC AC with Omnicam and Aquasil Ultra
  • Dental Advisor’s Preferred Product Award for Midwest RDH Freedom Cordless Prophy System, and Dental Advisor +++++ for Nupro, White Varnish and Midwest RDH
  • Medical Design Excellence and the “Best of Class” Pride Institute Technology Awards for Aquasil Ultra Cordless
  • Fox Visuals Silver and Fox Award Silver awards for VISION
  • REALITY 5Star Ratings for Triodent V3, Palodent Plus, Aquasil Ultra, Integrity Multi Cure and Prime&Bond Elect

DENTSPLY and Sirona have been recognized year after year for their innovative product development and many contributions to the advancement of global dentistry.


Quality Assurance

Dentsply Sirona continues their commitment to users and patients with a comprehensive quality management program. This commitment extends to our suppliers and service providers.

Dentsply Sirona meets or exceeds medical device regulations worldwide, with a partnership with notified bodies, certifying our compliance with medical device requirements. This results in both EU and medical device directive and ISO 13485 Quality System for Medical Devices.

Country Regulatory bodies conducted regular inspections of our facilities to assure compliance to their regulations. This includes bodies such as the U.S. FDA, Health Canada, Saudi Arabia, Korea and more.

Environmental Leadership

At Dentsply Sirona technical and ecological advances go hand in hand and represent an integral part of our corporate culture. We have a long history of supporting the communities in which we live, work and serve, and are dedicated to continually evolving and improving our efforts for corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Dentsply Sirona remains committed to minimizing our environmental impact in every location where we conduct business.  We support and promote recycling, energy and natural resource conservation.  Our product development process involves rigorous testing and consideration for environment impact.  Using Dentsply Sirona’s digital x-ray units not only reduces a patient’s exposure to radiation by up to 70%, but also eliminates the need to develop film using toxic chemicals in the dental office.   Moreover, our manufacturing plants are maintained with the environment in mind.   Several of our facilities across the U.S. and Europe have energy efficient infrared heaters, high efficiency chiller systems and closed loop water cooling systems to significantly reduce water and energy usage. Additionally, several of our facilities are obtaining energy from renewable sources, including wind and solar.  This provides a view into our cost efficiency and greenhouse gas emission opportunities.  All of these efforts - and more - are aimed at reducing materials consumption and waste, and reflect our commitment in making Dentsply Sirona a responsible and environmentally conscious corporate organization.

As with the environment, we place great emphasis on safety in the workplace and have high standards when it comes to making sure all possible steps are taken in guaranteeing the health and safety of our employees.  Our goal is to protect the lives and health of our employees and surrounding communities. To achieve this goal, our employees receive safety training and we conduct annual Environmental, Health and Safety audits in our manufacturing facilities. We work with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with all safety standards.