Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of dental and oral health products, including dental consumables, CAD/CAM systems (CEREC and inLab), a full suite of dental restorative products, digital intra-oral, panoramic and 3D imaging systems, dental treatment centers, hygiene and preventive systems and products supporting the dental specialty markets of orthodontics, endodontics and implants. Additionally, our global consumable healthcare product team provides innovative urological and surgical solutions designed to improve the quality of life for patients that provide value for caregivers and practitioners.




With over 30 years of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) experience, CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) helps dental practices keep pace with the industrywide revolution in digital technology. Dental technicians benefit from open and matched CAD/CAM solutions through the inLab product family. From digital impressions through the production of complete restorations, surgical guides and apparatus for implantology and orthodontics, Dentsply Sirona offers standardized system technology with a continuous digital workflow. This makes the exchange of data and information between the practice and the dental laboratory better, safer and faster.

The treatment spectrum provided by CEREC now covers three fields of treatment: restorations, implantology and orthodontics – to ensure dental professionals are well equipped for the future. CAD/CAM-produced restorations can be created and placed in just one visit and our CEREC system has been synonymous with this capability for more than 30 years. CEREC is the only scientifically proven CAD/CAM system with which dental professionals can treat their patients chairside with single-tooth restorations and bridges with up to three units in around two hours.

Additionally, CAD/CAM with inLab provides dental laboratories with open and matched scanner, software and production units, guaranteeing a wide spectrum of indications, the largest possible variety of materials and user-friendly applications. All components of the inLab-system are developed and produced in Bensheim, therefore they provide perfect digital workflows which, in excess of dental technology, also integrate digital imaging. Via Sirona-Connect inLab users communicate with their dentists about the track of digital impressions. Hence, the business unit CAD/CAM offers perfect synergies between dentist and dental laboratory.


Dentsply Sirona provides a comprehensive suite of procedure solutions for dental professionals to help ensure successful clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.  With our market-leading positions in impression materials and sectional matrix categories, including adhesives, cements and composites, our focus is largely on driving the successful adoption of our unique direct restoration procedure solution and our single-unit crown and temporization full procedure solution, to set new standards for patient care and treatment. The recent introduction of the unique tooth-colored Celtra Duo ceramic block offers a robust solution for the clinicians using Cerec to offer patients chairside milled crown solutions. 



Dentsply Sirona Implants is a major global player in the implant market, with a comprehensive product portfolio of solutions for all phases of implant dentistry, from pre-surgical planning all the way to the final restoration, with three well-documented and clinically proven implant brands: Ankylos, XIVE and Astra Tech Implant system.

Dentsply Sirona’s Simplant and Atlantis Suprastructures brands also contribute to our leading position within digital implant dentistry. Our differentiated innovation both within the implant system as well as our digital solutions to plan and place implants is unparalleled. We continue to expand our global sales force and clinical service and support infrastructure to best serve the needs of clinicians and patients alike.


Dentsply Sirona is working to shape the future of endodontics worldwide by continuously striving for better patient outcomes and by empowering dental professionals with world-class innovative solutions, education programs and clinical procedures. Our innovative “Endo Choice” platform solutions redefine endodontic care for dental professionals and patients by setting new treatment standards in efficacy, safety and simplicity.

Instruments/Hygiene systems₂

Instruments/Hygiene systems₂

Dentsply Sirona understands how the right instruments play a critical role in producing perfect working results. Dental professionals can only achieve precise results when their instruments are lightweight and can be guided without effort. Dentsply Sirona offers four classes of low-noise instruments and devices like its DAC UNIVERSAL or DAC PREMIUM for professional automated reprocessing of instruments for the best possible sterilization result.

Additionally, our MIDWEST brand is a leader in dental rotary instruments and dental handpieces with nearly 100 years of manufacturing and product innovation in high-speed, low-speed and electric product segments, as well as carbide and diamond burs.

Diode lasers, which can support the dental professional in a wide range of applications, are becoming increasingly popular in effective bacteria reduction, minimally invasive surgery, herpes lesions and during bloodless preparations for CEREC restorations. For patients, the use of lasers means less post-operative pain and scar-free wound healing.


Dentsply Sirona is a leading provider of scientifically supported, clinically proven prosthetic material solutions optimized for both the dental professional and laboratory customer environments. Our Prosthetics product portfolio contains market-leading brands in fixed crown and bridge and removable denture treatment modalities. Additionally, Dentsply Sirona’s Prosthetics Centers of Excellence are focused on global product leadership for fixed and removable “open” materials platform solutions, such as the Celtra Duo ceramic block.

Imaging Systems₁

Imaging Systems₁

Dentsply Sirona, a pioneer in dental X-ray technology, continues to set the standard in modern, digital imaging. With its established ORTHOPHOS family, Dentsply Sirona offers sophisticated 2D and 3D X-ray systems for the general dental practice, which cover more than the entire bandwidth of all fields in dentistry, but also offer outstanding image quality and simple operation. Our 3D X-ray product range is completed by the high-end CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) GALILEOS Comfort Plus, with its large field of view and integrated face scanner. For intraoral X-rays, Dentsply Sirona offers intraoral X-ray tubes, a family of sensors led by our Schick brand, and a phosphorplate scanner in order to fulfill the requirements of any practice while providing customers the confidence to invest in technology providing them with high quality products and images.


Dentsply Sirona is a leader in hygiene equipment and consumable solutions specializing in preventive care. In Scaling, our Cavitron system and inserts are synonymous with ultrasonic scaling systems and are used for effective calculus removal and periodontal debridement. Dentsply Sirona’s RINN product portfolio is a comprehensive line of digital sensor and film holders, as well as other accessories, designed to help achieve the ideal diagnostic image during radiographic procedures.

Dentsply Sirona offers a wide range of consumable solutions and equipment to aid in the hygiene procedure and promote patient acceptance, such as Nupro Prophylaxis Paste, RDH Freedom Hygiene Handpiece, Nupro White Varnish, and Captivate by Nupro Whitening System. Our comprehensive portfolio of Infection Prevention cleaning and disinfecting chemistries, disposables as well as equipment used in the dental practice help protect the patient, dental professional, and staff from the spread of infection. Leading brands in the portfolio include Purevac Evacuation Cleaner, Com-Fit Face Masks, and Resurge Instrument Cleaner.



Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics is dedicated to providing comprehensive clinical support in every aspect of their practice with a reach of products that extend from all relevant treatment techniques and disciplines to retention materials, patient care, and clinical education.

The current DENTSPLY Orthodontic line includes a comprehensive array of brackets, buccal tubes, bands, archwires, clear aligners, instruments, adhesives, elastics, ligatures, extra oral accessories, digital solutions, lab essentials, and equipment. 

Treatment Centers₁

Dentsply Sirona continues to transform the modern treatment center, which is of crucial importance both for the success and efficiency of the treatment and patient experience. Dentsply Sirona’s TENEO, SINIUS and INTEGO treatment centers can be perfectly integrated into the practice network and allow for numerous additional functions and are well known for their  modern design and high quality materials. Smooth surfaces and the integrated sanitation adapter provide the highest possible hygiene standards and optimally support workflow.

Through Dentsply Sirona’s sophisticated ergonomic design, the treatment centers enable relaxed working during long days and support comfortable patient positioning. Treatment centers in the new Dentsply Sirona generation meet the high quality requirements of dental professionals, and also fulfill the many individual requirements of a practice.




Dentsply Sirona HealthCare provides caregivers and patients with innovative and high-quality solutions for bladder and bowel management for home and institutional use, as well as a range of disposable surgical products. Our LoFric® range of products continues to set the global standard for Clean Intermittent urinary Catheterization (CIC), since we invented the hydrophilic catheter with the unique Urotonic® surface in 1983.

Surgical Instruments₂

Dentsply Sirona Maillefer provides dental and medical implant manufacturers with Swiss-designed and machined specialty drills for demanding procedures. Commercialized for almost 50 years, the Maillefer high-end drills feature unique cutting efficiency and limited heating as desired by leading providers of dental, cochlear and spine implants. Maillefer has invented the first single use drill for dental implants with a patented design.

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