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GuttaCore® Obturators from Dentsply Sirona

GuttaCore® sized and color-coded to precisely match your file system so you can shape and obturate with confidence.


Why choose GuttaCore® Obturators?

Fills the entire canal anatomy

Delivering Gutta-Percha in latereral and accessory canals, beyond challenging curves and into the apex.

Follow the natural anatomy

The warm gutta-percha flowability allows to obturate even challenging cases with confidence.

Efficient technique

Offers the ease of a single insertion so patients spend less time in your chair.

Delivers the highest gutta-percha content

Compared to other techniques GuttaCore® delivers the highest gutta-percha content with fewer apical and coronal voids than cold lateral techniques.2

GuttaCore adapts better to intricate canal anatomy

To achieve apical adaptation of the master cone, warm vertical techniques must be 3-5 mm from the working length.3 Yet thermal penetration of the gutta-percha was limited — with significant thermal effect rarely exhibited more than 4-6 mm into the material.4

Easy removal. Easy post space creation

Significantly lower retreatment time than Thermafil® Plus and Warm Vertical techniques.1

"Even around curves, you can see how GuttaCore® fills all the areas of the apical anatomy."

Dr. Munir Battikhi, Minneapolis, MN

How to use GuttaCore® Obturators

GuttaCore® combines the carrier based technique with the warm vertical technique, being the first crosslinked gutta-percha core obturator that centrally compacts and flows warm gutta-percha equally in 3-dimensions throughout the entire canal. It also offers the ease of a single insertion, so your patients spend less time in your chair.

The CuttaCore® obturator is entirely made of cross-linked gutta-percha with sufficient strength to be placed into demanding anatomical confines, such as severely curved canals or canals that are difficult to reach. The obturator is heated in the oven and the hydraulic forces send the warm gutta-percha flowing in three dimensions, throughout the entire canal system, offering a superior 3D fill. It removes easily, too as there is no plastic core remaining in the root canal.

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