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inLab CAD/CAM Materials Implantology

Being able to chew comfortably and having a natural appearance – this is certainly the greatest wish of patients with dental prostheses. And for many years, this demand for functionally, esthetically perfect prostheses was met quite adequately with implant restorations. Besides keeping the bone structure, which is medically invaluable, the emotional and rather practical benefit to the patient resides in the convenience of these dental prostheses.

Easy production with inLab:

Surgical guides

for more safety through guided surgery

Titanium bases

for implant abutments in the structured CAD/CAM workflow


for the patient-specific design of emergence profiles

Surgical guides

CEREC Guide Bloc + inCoris PMMA guide

The basis is the integrated implant planing system by Dentsply Sirona that works by superimposing optical impression data and a suggested prosthetic design on 3D X-ray data. The implant planning file is used for the construction of the drilling template in the CEREC or inLab CAD software for defining drilling direction and depth. Subsequently, the restoration is produced in-house using the inLab production unit.

  • Convenient in-house production
  • Individual characterization and milling from a bloc or disc
  • Compatible with CEREC Guide Drill Keys by Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM

With inCoris PMMA guide, you can create surgical guides with one or more guide channels directly in your laboratory - precisely with the inLab MC X5 production unit. For processing in the inLab MC XL, the CEREC Guide Bloc Maxi is available for templates with a maximum of one guide channel.

inCoris PMMA guide disc CEREC Guide Bloc maxi
Ø 98.5mm 85x40x22mm
Height 22mm  
Processing with inLab MC X5 Processing with inLab MC XL
REF. 65 51 324 REF. 64 47 093

Individual abutments


TiBase is the titanium base from Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM. It is available for different implant systems and diameters and is provided in a set complete with an abutment screw. It facilitates an economical workflow for the in-house production of custom abutments:

For the in-house production of individual abutments, TiBase enables an economic workflow:

  • Accurate digital acquisition of the implant position by the scanbody: extraorally on the model or intraorally 
  • Abutment design using inLab software
  • Fabricating the mesostructure (e.g., from inCoris ZI meso) or the abutment crowns from a meso block (e.g., from CEREC Zirconia meso)
  • Adhesive connection of the TiBase with the sintered mesostructure or abutment crown
  • Additional abutment screws available separately.

ScanPost for implant-supported restorations

Depending on the implant system, a matching Dentsply Sirona ScanPost (scan post and fixing screw) and the corresponding scanbody (gray for Omnicam or white for Bluecam)* is available. For the final restoration, a TiBase with the corresponding name extension must be used.

Scanbodies (for Dentsply Sirona TiBase and ScanPost)

Connection Scanbodies for Omnicam Scanbodies for Bluecam
S REF. 64 31 311 REF. 64 31 295
L REF. 64 31 329 REF. 64 31 303

Zirconium oxide blocks for implant prosthetics

Dentsply Sirona offers 2 options to provide individual zirconium oxide restorations on Dentsply Sirona TiBase:

  • CEREC Zirconia meso block for screw-retained crowns
  • inCoris ZI meso block for individual abutments

Special feature: a screw channel and an anti-rotation device have been integrated into these specially manufactured zirconium oxide blocks. As a result, the abutment or crown bonded to the prefabricated titanium base after sintering has a secure guide and a perfect fit to the implant.

NEW: CEREC Zirconia meso: For screw-retained zirconium oxide crowns

With launch of the CEREC Zirconia meso block, Dentsply Sirona has enlarged its product portfolio by providing a solution to produce screw-retained zirconium oxide crowns, fitting on all TiBase. The high-performance material zirconium oxide stands out in this context mainly due to its exceptionally high biocompatibility with the oral mucosa, which enables the gingiva to restore itself faster to the restoration - thereby avoiding irritation or even inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Additionally, the high density of >900MPa offers highest security.

CEREC Zirconia meso allows you to provide your customers quickly with first-class screw-retained zirconia crowns.

  • Two sizes and 4 colors
  • Secure, due to its high density
  • Crown is bonded extraorally with the TiBase
  • Fits on all Dentsply Sirona TiBase
Item Size Color REF.
CEREC Zirconia meso S A1 6623016
CEREC Zirconia meso S A2 6582428
CEREC Zirconia meso S A3 6582436
CEREC Zirconia meso S A 3.5 6582444
CEREC Zirconia meso L A1 6623024
CEREC Zirconia meso L A2 6582451
CEREC Zirconia meso L A3 6582469
CEREC Zirconia meso L A 3.5 6582477

inCoris ZI meso - Zirconium oxide sintering ceramic for individual abutments

inCoris ZI meso is the Dentsply Sirona zirconium oxide sintering ceramic for production of individual abutment meso-structures. With the proven CAD/CAM production of individual zirconium oxide abutments with inLab, you can meet your customers' requirements for natural tooth-colored full ceramic restorations in your implant prosthesis.

The inLab software can adapt the emergence profile of inCoris ZI meso to the gingiva. An inLab MC XL production unit is required for this machining.

  • Two sizes and colors
  • After sintering: Bonding of the meso structure with the titanium base (TiBase), veneering with individual crown made of e.g. Celtra or CEREC Blocs C PC
  • Saves time compared to central production
  • Fits on all TiBase
Item Size Color REF.
inCoris ZI meso S F0.5 62 31 802
inCoris ZI meso S F2 62 31 828
inCoris ZI meso L F0.5 62 31 810
inCoris ZI meso L F2 62 31 836

One-piece individual titanium abutments

With inLab MC X5, one-piece individual titanium abutments made from prefabricated Medentika PreFaces® abutments can be produced conveniently in the laboratory.

Screw-retained bridges and bars on multi-unit abutments


The special scanbody is used exclusively for the precise scanning of multiple implants on a model with inEos X5 (inLab SW 15.0 or newer). Only multi-unit abutments by nt-trading (2-CONnect) and Medentika® (MedentiBASE) are supported.

inPost REF.
inPost for MedentiBASE N4010 (compatible with all series except series N for Straumann RN)  65 52 298
inPost for MedentiBASE N4010 (compatible with N4010 für Straumann RN)  65 61 091
inPost for 2-CONnect KS60 (compatible with series H, R, T, MIS)  65 59 483
inPost for 2-CONnect KS61 (compatible with series E, F, L, N, S, T)  65 51 639

Technical documentation

Here you will find available safety data sheets for inLab products.


Order form for TiBase, Abutment Screw and ScanPost 1 MB

Order form - Discs and tools for inLab MC X5 756 kB

CAD/CAM Materials brochure 785 kB

inLab CAD/CAM Materials

Other applications

Work preparation

Whether making analog or digital impressions, fabricating models by casting or milling: The Dentsply Sirona inLab materials enhance your flexibility from the very start.

Function & Esthetics

An extensive range of materials is available for you to produce permanent prosthetic restorations: With blocks made from ceramic (feldspar and zirconium oxide) and a NPM sinter alloy (cobalt-chromium) you can satisfy an enormous range of wishes and requirements in terms of function and esthetics.