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Intego Ambidextrous Intelligent infection control

Intelligent infection prevention for work flexibility 

Dentists all over the world share the highest demands for the safety of their patients and practice team. Intego Ambidextrous infection prevention concept is designed so you can comply quickly and easily with all infection control regulations while working with flexibility and ergonomics all at once. 


Swiveling and removable, easy to clean, and easily accessible. 

Suction Systems

Compatible with all conventional central wet or dry suction systems,including amalgam separator. 

Purge and Autopurge Function

The instrument hoses can be flushed for a short time or cleaned intensively via the cleaning adapters. 

Intego Ambidextrous

The water unit can be adapted to many different demands and requirements by freely selectable suction systems and options for infection prevention.

Fresh water bottle

For controlled water quality. Can also be filled with Dentosept P. solution for permanent disinfection and manual sanitization.

Automatic suction hose cleaning

Cleaning adaptor for automatic flushing of saliva ejector and spray aspirator.

Smooth surfaces

The largely gap-free design of the surfaces ensures maximum infection control in the shortest time possible.

Intego Pro Ambidextrous

The water unit is based on a comprehensive infection prevention concept. You achieve the highest infection control standards quickly and easily.

Integrated disinfection system

Permanent disinfection of all water lines with Dentosept P. Automatic sanitizing function for regular intensive disinfection. Can also be used as a self-contained water supply.

Integrated cleaning adapters

For automatic purging of instrument hoses (Autopurge) and sanitization of the water lines.

Chemical suction hose cleaning

Cleaning agent container for chemical flushing of the suction lines. The concentration of cleaning agents can be individually adjusted.

Explore the benefits in detail

Ergonomic Design

Compact Design

Intelligent infection control

Quality made in Germany

Explore Intego Ambidextrous


Achieve perfect results even at the end of a long working day.

Product overview

Every option offers optimal performance for your treatment.

Intego Ambidextrous brochure

Find out all the details about Intego Ambidextrous and download the brochure here.

Technical documentation