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Intego Pro Design

Ergonomic design you can rely on

The treatment center is the heart of your practice. Intego perfectly combines appearance and functionality – so you can work comfortably under optimal conditions. In addition to their harmonious design, coordinated components and variety of color combinations, Intego treatment centers meet the strict criteria of our ergonomics concept. Intego fits the style of your practice – and your taste.

The three color combinations

When choosing your upholstery colors, all options are open to you. To make your choice easier, we have grouped shades that go together particularly well in three color schemes.

The elegant world

Classic, timeless combinations for an especially high-class look.

The natural world

Soft, warm shades for a soothing treatment atmosphere.

The vital world

Vivid colors and bright tones for a modern, lively atmosphere.

* Available colors for Lounge upholstery

*Available only with the Intego Pro.

Explore Intego

Learn more about Intego treatment centers – performance you can rely on.

Available versions and models

Excellent performance and innovative functions at a great price, customized options for great value.

Ergonomic design

Designed for intuitive handling and optimized, integrated workflows.

Safe hygiene

Designed so you can comply quickly and easily with all hygiene regulations.

Quality made in Germany

Defined quality assurance processes, durable materials, and sturdy, future-proof design.


Intego Pro brochure 1 MB

Intego Pro. Performance you can rely on.

Intego brochure 1 MB

Intego. Performance you can rely on.

Intego Ambidextrous brochure 2 MB

Intego Ambidextrous. Turning in perfection.

Technical documentation