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Treatment options

Home Solutions Diode lasers Treatment options

When comparing the application areas of the different laser types it becomes clear that the diode laser offers the widest range of applications.

All indications at a glance

Discover case examples in the form of images and video clips in each category. Allow yourself to be inspired - nothing beats practical experience!
Simply click on the link and select the desired application to access images and videos from daily practice.

Images and videos

Explore images and videos in every category. Just click on the image link and then choose the treatment you wish to see in order to get to the images and videos. Inspire yourself - nothing is more convincing than practical examples.


Minimal invasive surgery – mostly blood- and scar-free, less postoperative wound pain


Adjuvant germ reduction even in the dentin tubules


Adjuvant germ reduction


Many other applications, especially from the field of low level laser therapy
Surgery Endodontics Periodontology Other
Abscess Endodontic germ reduction Periodontic germ reduction Aphthous ulcers
Epulis Gangrene germ reduction Peri-implantitis Medical bleaching (3)
Fibroma Pulpotomy Sulcular debridement (2) Desensitization
Frenectomy     Hemostasis
Gingivectomy     Herpes
Gingivoplasty     Soft laser therapy (4)
Implant uncovery      
Gingival throughing      
Exposing a displaced tooth (1)      

1: No predefined treatment program
2: Predefined treatment program in SIROLaser Advance/Xtend
3: e.g. following an endodontic treatment; no predefined treatment program
4: Predefined treatment program SiroLaser Blue