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Digital Implant Workflow

Transform the way you work

Think digital. From data capturing,
restorative and implant planning, guided surgery,
digital impression to designing and manufacturing 
the final restorative solution.

The best possible treatment plans

Our dental technology gives implant dentists the freedom, flexibility and foresight to deliver the best possible treatment to patients.

Accurate and comprehensive data capturing forms the basis for a precise, patient-specific plan and later ensures safer, minimally invasive dental implant procedures through guided surgery.

Free online course

Introduction to Digital Implant Workflow

The course will answer the following questions:

  • What is a digital implant workflow?
  • What is a chairside workflow?
  • What is a clinic-to-laboratory workflow?

This course is only available in English. Attendance is free of charge.

Plan & guided surgery

Precise planning with digital tools ensures you get the results you require in restorative dentistry.

Incorporating a digital implant workflow into practice

Do you think implementing a digital implant workflow can make things easier for the daily schedule? Dr. Weigl is back with the fourth article in the digitalization series. Let us get some insights into the overall practical use of a digital implant workflow: how will it affect everyday scheduling, how can you become convinced of its effectiveness, including clinical outcomes and financial benefits, and what difference could it make for the patient experience?

Data capturing

Thanks to 3D imaging, the treatment team gets a highly accurate visualization of the patient’s anatomical situation. An intraoral optical scanner can capture the patient’s dentition and surrounding soft tissues. When combined with a CBCT scan, it provides optimal planning for your single tooth, cement- and screw-retained restorations.

Restorative & implant plan

Virtually plan your case, considering prosthetic requirements and determine anatomical and bone quality prerequisites. This prosthetic-oriented plan ensures the implant is properly positioned. Due to directly visible surgical conditions, the implant treatment is not only safer, it provides the foundation for function and esthetics.

Guided surgery

For surgical procedures, your virtual restorative and implant plan is transferred to the surgical guide. Working with the security of a guide across all surgical steps, from soft-tissue punch to implant installation, ensures precise implant placement and a safer treatment which is minimally invasive.

Digital impression

Digital dental technology is giving the clinician the tools to see a patient’s anatomy in detail never seen before.

Starting to use a digital implant workflow into practice

Dr. Weigl guides us through the potential challenges and opportunities when implementing a digital implant workflow.

Intraoral scanning

Intraoral scanning technique is the most accurate way to determine implant position based on desired function and esthetic outcome. Take simple, accurate and time-saving digital impressions with precise 3D images in natural color. With small, easy to handle scanning tools, impression-taking is more pleasant for patients and saves you valuable time.

Implant options

Backed by expertise, world-renowned science and decades of experience, the three premium implant systems, Ankylos, Astra Tech Implant System and Xive, from Dentsply Sirona Implants all provide life-long function and esthetics. They are manufactured with extreme precision to ensure a consistent and pristine quality, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Accurate digital impressions

Dental technology offers the treatment team views of the patient’s anatomy in levels of detail never seen before. Connect to the digital implant workflow to experience how digital impression taking and world-class implant solutions can save you time, streamline workflows and give you the working confidence and accuracy your patients require.

Restorative solutions

The impact of dental implants can be life changing for your patients. After all, you are giving them their smile back.

The benefits of shifting to digital implant workflow

Learn more about the benefits of a digital shift. In the past, there was a lack of confidence in digital systems because they were either too confusing, too cumbersome or too expensive. This has changed for the better, and there are many benefits to a shift.

Design and manufacturing

Design patient-specific restorative solutions by utilizing state-of-the-art digital technology to mimic natural tooth function and esthetics. Designs can be made in the dental laboratory, in the clinic or outsourced to Dentsply Sirona. Whatever you choose, manufacturing is done with speed according to accurately defined and well-informed design preferences.


Patient-specific solutions

A wide variety of products, services and materials enable you to safely and conveniently produce patient-specific single tooth, cement- and screw-retained restorations for all major implant systems. Digital workflows make it easier for all members of the treatment team to connect, streamline workflows and provide the foundation needed to return patient’s individuality.

Reliability you can trust

Dentsply Sirona Implants come with an exclusive and industry-leading comprehensive warranty program for all genuine implant products. In addition, the program covers warranty for Atlantis and CEREC TiBase prosthetic products available for all major implant systems. This gives additional protection and security to clinicians providing the patient treatment.

Warranty Program

Whether you decide to create implant prosthetics chairside or hand-in-hand with your preferred partner, Dentsply Sirona is your enabler for many different workflows. After all, there is not one-way to connect the dots and that's why our leading dental technology offers implant dentists the ability to adapt to unique circumstances, on a case-by-case basis.

We have you covered

  • Dentsply Sirona offers a comprehensive warranty program1. on all cement- and screw-retained, single tooth, restorative solutions.

  • Our restorative solutions are available for all major implant systems2., giving you freedom of choice.
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