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Denture Base

Dentsply Sirona Lab offers the widest variety of denture base materials for partial and full dentures

Denture base acrylic

Lucitone is the industry's leading denture base family, setting the standard for over 4 decades.

From heat cure and pour acrylics to denture repair materials and flexible partial denture resin. Dental laboratories, as well as dentists know and trust Lucitone denture acrylics and have for years.


Lucitone denture base system


Dentsply Sirona Lab offers dental laboratories a quality pour acrylic that can be used for full and partial denture fabrication or other removable appliances, denture repair and relines.

Heat cure acrylic

The Lucitone denture base family consists of a range of heat cure acrylics. No matter if you are looking for a high-impact, a highly characterized, or a high-production denture base material, Dentsply Sirona Lab offers the solution.

Flexible partial denture

Dentsply Sirona Lab offers a flexible dental resin, Lucitone FRS, for the fabrication of flexible, metal-free removable partial dentures. Materials are monomer-free and biocompatible.

Dental lab equipment

The Success Injection System is the most versatile injection system in the world. It can inject heat-cure, pour acrylics, thermoplastic materials, as well as soft liners.

Lucitone HIPA

Lucitone HIPA is the first high impact pour acrylic for improved durability and  to meet both ISO impact resistance standards. This self-cure denture base material is designed for use in fabrication, repair, rebasing, or relining of full and partial dentures including implant overdentures or other dental appliances.

  • 200% stronger than other pourable acrylics
  • Delivers strength faster - 21% savings in handson working time compared with heat-cure technique
  • Accurate and excellent fit to model - designed to enable consistent production of well-fitting dentures
  • Excellent color stability ensures that the denture you make will retain it’s shade for a more satisfied patient. Easier to shade match during repairs


Lucitone 199 denture base resin

Lucitone 199 is the premium choice for both tissue and implant-supported full and partial dentures, offering outstanding aesthetics, high impact resistance, and superb flexural strength. In order to adapt to the needs of dental laboratories and fit desired processing techniques, Lucitone 199 can be compression packed or injected and is microwavable if injected.

  • Trusted and reliable - industry standard for premium high-impact denture base resins
  • Resists breakage - superior high-impact resistance and flexural strength
  • Balanced translucency and excellent vein simulation - delivers aesthetic results
  • Available in original, light, light reddish pink and dark pink. Covers patients' needs

Success Injection System

The most versatile injection system


The Success Injection System combines the precision of high-pressure injection with the top performance of Lucitone® denture base materials. The result is a wide variety of dental appliances delivered with more consistency and greater accuracy than the standard compression molding technique.


The high-pressure injection drives resin into a closed flask to deliver precise adaptation of the model. Injecting denture resin under continuous pressure fills all voids completely and compactly, eliminating the need for trial packing. The closed-flask injection significantly reduces the chance for change in vertical dimension of occlusion. This kind of precision means few, if any, occlusal processing errors for a great fit.

Partial dentures - Vitallium 2000 and Vitallium 2000 Plus alloys

The Ultimate Partial Denture System - Vitallium is the partial denture of choice when it comes to high quality partial denture frameworks. Finish your framework with Lucitone denture base acrylic and Dentsply Sirona teeth for the ultimate aesthetic outcome.

Superior strength

The high fracture resistance of Vitallium 2000 alloys enables dental laboratories to fabricate lighter, more refined partials for improved aesthetics and greater patient comfort.

Predictability and precise fit

Vitallium 2000 alloys have a higher elongation value than the original Vitallium alloy, resulting in a partial framework that permits predictable adjustments with unprecedented fracture resistance. Quite simply, Vitallium 2000 alloys adjust like gold with no fear of deformation for a precise fit.

High surface luster

Vitallium alloys maintain a high luster and resist plaque. This ensures that patients can easily and effectively clean their partial dentures.


Vitallium alloys are nickel and beryllium-free.

Learn more: brochures and directions for use

Lucitone Family Brochure 317 kB

Lucitone Family Brochure

Lucitone HIPA Brochure 2 MB

Lucitone HIPA Brochure

Lucintone HIPA DFU 337 kB

Lucintone HIPA Directions for Use

Lucitone 199 Directions for Use 209 kB

Lucitone 199 Directions for Use

Lucitone 199 Repair Material DFU 154 kB

Lucitone 199 Repair Material Directions for Use

Success Injection System DFU 192 kB

Success Injection System Directions for Use

Vitallium Brochure 244 kB

Vitallium Brochure

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