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The Maximum Strength Choice

Calibra Ceram Adhesive Resin Cement is a visible light cured, dual cured or self cured high strength resin cement which contains fluoride.

One out of five crowns are non-retentive preparations1 requiring extra strength. That's why Calibra Ceram Cement is formulated to ensure strong bonds and long-term success in all-ceramics and CAD/CAM restorations for greater patient satisfaction. 

Calibra Ceram cement provides impressive high strength when used with Prime&Bond active, as well as quick and easy cleanup. 


Why choose Calibra Ceram?

Immediate and long-term high retentive bond strength on ceramics compared to leading brands

Simplified Cleanup Technique: 10 second tack cure window and 45 second extended gel phase²

No need for a self cure activator, and no mixing of primers when used with Prime&Bond active Adhesive

5 esthetic shade options with Shade stable technology virtually eliminates color shift over time

Low film thickness

Scientific Data

Recommended materials for restorations with Calibra Ceram

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2. 10-second tack cure window equals five-second wave cure per surface. For excess cement cleanup, monowave output LED lights with a single peak output around 470nm are recommended. High power, dual, or broad spectrum lights may cause premature hardening of excess cement. Check curing light effect on mixed cement prior to clinical use.

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