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The Easy, Universal Choice

Calibra Universal Self-Adhesive Resin Cement is a two-component, dual-cure, high strength self-adhesive cement which contains fluoride.

Calibra Universal Cement combines esthetic shading with a self-etching adhesive, making it suitable for the permanent cementation of metal, PFM, resin/composite, ceramic and porcelain inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges and endodontic posts without application of a separate dentin/enamel adhesive bonding agent/system.

With its wide tack-cure window of up to 10 seconds1 and an extended 45-second gel-phase, Calibra Universal cement ensures an easy, stress-free cleanup for all CEREC Zirconia+ and glass ceramic restorations.

The high radiopacity of Calibra Universal can aid in providing a clear view of the material within the crown. This helps avoid a misdiagnosis of gaps or voids, which can lead to costly remakes. 


Why choose Calibra Universal?

High immediate 6-minute bond strength for a strong initial bond

Simplified Cleanup Technique: 10 second tack cure window and 45 second extended gel phase¹

One-step cementation means no additional etchant or adhesive

5 esthetic shade options with Shade stable technology virtually eliminates color shift over time

High radiopacity

Robust bonding performance

Get the reliability and predictability of proven immediate and short-term bond strength for long-lasting results.2

Recommended materials for restorations with Calibra Universal

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1. 10-second tack cure window equals five-second wave cure per surface. For excess cement cleanup, monowave output LED lights with a single peak output around 470nm are recommended. High power, dual, or broad spectrum lights may cause premature hardening of excess cement. Check curing light effect on mixed cement prior to clinical use.

2. RelyX™ Unicem2 and Maxcem™ Elite are not registered trademarks of DentsplySirona Inc.