"When it comes to our Treatment Centres, quality means much more than reliability for us. We constantly strive to offer you a maximum of integrated functions, innovative solutions and iconic design for an incomparable experience for you and your patients."

Ralf Sutter, Director Research & Development Treatment Centres


Delivering extraordinary treatment centres does not just happen by chance. It takes handcraftsmanship. It takes experience. It takes passion. And it takes an engineering heritage that sets unmatched standards of excellence, reliability and longevity. The essence of delivering simplicity out of complexity is a guiding principle behind all Dentsply Sirona treatment centres.

When failure simply isn’t an option, you need to be able to rely on your treatment centre. That is why we spend more time testing than perhaps any other company in the dental industry. The rigorous selection of materials, from the choice of solid steel components on the inside to the selection of exclusive upholstery on the outside turn a conventional dental unit into a Dentsply Sirona treatment centre.


It is simple to create something that looks good - but complicated to create something that is simple. Simplicity is, however, the prerequisite for an intuitive design. When you see something, you instinctively need to know what to do. It takes an integrated workflow that is not only easy to understand but also easy to use. The design code is practically invisible so you can focus on your task without stopping even for one second.

With the digital generation of treatment centres, every Dentsply Sirona model features the EasyTouch interface. The touchscreen facilitates a streamlined workflow with numerous customisable programming features to match your specific requirements. The EasyTouch interface is intuitive and directs your attention to tasks that are important with numerous innovative functions that support a more integrated workflow in fields like endodontics and implantology. The central circuit board behind the interface can handle up to 40,000 different commands to process all of your demands.


Limited space. Unlimited opportunities. We are obsessed with the little things that can empower dental professionals to deliver the best possible dental care, for the benefit of their patients and practices. 

The motorised sliding track runs smoothly and perfectly supports your ergonomic workflow. The galvanised steel construction is wear tested for extreme longevity. The wireless foot control is a multifunctional control element for all chair functions. Together, they provide hands free control for a hands-on workflow so that your hands can do what they were trained to do. Treat the patient. That is what we call innovation working for you.


The really amazing thing about our treatment centres is the harmony of the design concept, in which design follows function. The distinctive streamlined contours, thanks to the special thermoforming process, are instantly recognisable. The materials used set unmatched standards of excellence, durability and performance. It takes people who do great work because they love the work they do – sewing, shaping and trimming by hand. It takes high-tech machines and state-of-the-art ingenuity. And above all, it takes a design concept that can turn a surgery into an oasis of calm. Because we know, feeling good feels great.


A Dentsply Sirona treatment centre is not an everyday unit. It is a unit for every day with ergonomic details that make a difference. As the focal point of the practice, it is the most unmistakable showpiece and can actually help turn an appointment into a first-class experience – a must-have in today’s comfort-conscious driven dentistry.

Details are not just details. They make the difference. Our motor-driven headrests for example, are manufactured using highgrade German steel. They actively enhance the interaction between you and the patient so that the patient feels comfortable while you have an optimal access. This can go a long way toward avoiding posture-related pain associated with prolonged sitting.

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